Cute Polka Dotted Red Bow Tie Ribbon

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gameboy Color

Ah, the days of playing Mario and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on a Gameboy Color. These nails are inspired by the entertaining handheld devices!

The black did not show up too well on the deep blue and purple since they were so dark, but they still turned out pretty nice. I used a thin nail art brush to paint the screen, d-pad, and buttons onto the solid colors. The colors are Sally Hansen's Cherry Red, Blue It, and Mellow Yellow with NYC New York Color's High Line Green and Prince Street. The black is Sally Hansen's Black Out.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tutorial Video Up

Along with the "nail art tool box" tab, a new tab named "tutorials" has been added. This page will provide links to tutorial videos I have made that are posted on YouTube. Currently, the only one up is the diagonal tape manicure.

Simple and Sweet

One of the simpler designs I have done. It took a long time because my nails kept bumping into each other when I was trying to apply tape to them to paint over. But you get the hang of it.

1. Apply base coat. If gets a little messy with the tape, don't worry, it will be covered with top coat later. The base coat is for your main color to stick better.

2. Let base coat dry, apply tape in a diagonal direction across the nail. Apply your main color. It is okay if the polish gets on the tape, this is a guide to make a straight, clean line. Let the main color dry, peel off tape carefully.

3. Use a striper in a darker color to make a straight line over the diagonal line created with the tape. You can also use a brush from an old liquid eyeliner, which is what I used. Let dry.

4. Use a lighter color for the dots along the main color. A dotting tool or toothpick are fine. Let dry, then apply a top coat. All done!

Colors are Pure Ice in Love and Sally Hansen in Midnight Sky and White On.

Interested in Nail Art?

Hi viewers! I added a new page at the top of this blog called "nail art tool box." If you want to know what the necessities are for creating nail art, click it to see what items interest you. Of course, you don't need all of it, just what works for you. You can add or remove anything I have in the list I created. You don't need it all at once either. If you have any questions about any of the items, just comment.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pure Ice Deja Vu

Pure Ice in Deja Vu is a really nice navy blue color with shimmery flecks of purple and gold glitter in it. It is also a duo-chrome, so in different lighting, it turns into a royal purple! I could not get a good picture of the duo-chrominess. The image makes it look lighter than it is, and it is artificial light.

This only took about two coats. I'll take some more pictures in natural lighting. The glitter is really small, so it's more of a shimmer finish. Still a lovely color. I'll post a picture of it in the bottle as well.

Updated to add more images! Natural lighting of Deja Vu:

I do not have any swatch sticks or wheels, so I decided to just use a piece of tape to swatch the color. The subtle color change is difficult to capture because the colors are so close to each other.

Water Marble

This is the second time I have done a water marble. It took so much time! I really like how it looks though.

 This is my right hand. I did not put stamping on this hand because each application of the stamp looked messy, so I left it as is.
This is my left hand, with stamping as an accent.

The base is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On. The water marble colors are Sally Hansen Cherry Red, Sally Hansen White On, and Pure Ice Love. The stamping color is Sally Hansen Pink Satin.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink, Chunky Glitter, and Silver

I know I just did the pink ombre nails, but I bought Revlon Sparkling, and really wanted to try it out. It is a chunky glitter with smaller glitter and in the bottle it looks pink, but when applied, it's pretty much pink glitter mixed with a clear polish. I thought it had a pink base in it, but it doesn't. So it needs a base color in order for the pink glitter to really show. Overall, it's a really nice polish!

The pictures make the base color I used look more of a peach, but it's a really metallic pink. I'll take a few more in natural lighting to show the color better.

The base color is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Rose Petal, Revlon Sparkling, and the accent is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City.

Here are the colors in natural lighting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red to Pink Ombré

Just a simple design for now. Solid colors on each nail that gradually get lighter. I also added a little bit of a glitter polish on the tips to make the colors more sparkly.

Colors used are (from thumb to pinky) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Cherry Red", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Fuchsia Power", Sally Hansen Hard as Diamonds "Rose Petal", Nicole by OPI Selena, and Pure Ice "Love." The glitter top is Sally Hansen Disco Ball.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Themed Nail Art

Hi viewers! I added a poll so you can vote for which nail designs I should do a series for first. I will do all of them, but the order depends on the votes. The choices are My Little Pony, designs for each pony, Sailor Moon, designs for each sailor scout, and Disney Princesses, designs for each Disney princess! I may add another choice if I can think of any more. Vote for your ideas!

Simple and Cute

I had a nude polish that I had not used yet, so I figured, why not? I ended up just wearing it plain with nothing else and I really liked how it looked. It has a light shimmery finish, so it is not creme. Eventually it started to chip, so that's usually when I change my colors. Instead, I figured I would try something with the nude. I used a black because they contrast so well together. I also used my dotting tools and make polka dots and a sweet bow accent nail.

I like how it looks! This is pre-cleanup, so they are still messy. Anyway, the colors are NYC New York Color's Mulberry Street, and Nicole by OPI's Razzle Dazzle.