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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pure Ice Deja Vu

Pure Ice in Deja Vu is a really nice navy blue color with shimmery flecks of purple and gold glitter in it. It is also a duo-chrome, so in different lighting, it turns into a royal purple! I could not get a good picture of the duo-chrominess. The image makes it look lighter than it is, and it is artificial light.

This only took about two coats. I'll take some more pictures in natural lighting. The glitter is really small, so it's more of a shimmer finish. Still a lovely color. I'll post a picture of it in the bottle as well.

Updated to add more images! Natural lighting of Deja Vu:

I do not have any swatch sticks or wheels, so I decided to just use a piece of tape to swatch the color. The subtle color change is difficult to capture because the colors are so close to each other.


  1. How close would you say deja vu is to Butter London Scouse?

    1. I do not own a bottle of Butter London so I cannot do a side-by-side comparison, but based on the swatch images Google has provided me, I can say they are super close to each other. Scouse may be a bit lighter, but other than that, I'd say both polishes are achieving the same effect, which is the subtle blue to purple change in color. Both also looks to have the same shimmery effect as well. It's well worth it if you are looking to purchase Deja Vu as a dupe, even if it not an absolute exact dupe because it a limited edition polish, so stores may not restock once sold out :-/. I'm posting more images of Deja Vu today in natural lighting for a better look at it :).

    2. Thank you! I do have Deja Vu. I was trying to see if I should get Butter London Scouse during the Ulta sale this coming Friday but felt I had a possible dupe of it. Now I know I don't need to. Thanks a bunch!

    3. Glad I could help! Butter Londons are pricey so it's best to catch them on sale if you can't find a close dupe for them.