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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simple and Sweet

One of the simpler designs I have done. It took a long time because my nails kept bumping into each other when I was trying to apply tape to them to paint over. But you get the hang of it.

1. Apply base coat. If gets a little messy with the tape, don't worry, it will be covered with top coat later. The base coat is for your main color to stick better.

2. Let base coat dry, apply tape in a diagonal direction across the nail. Apply your main color. It is okay if the polish gets on the tape, this is a guide to make a straight, clean line. Let the main color dry, peel off tape carefully.

3. Use a striper in a darker color to make a straight line over the diagonal line created with the tape. You can also use a brush from an old liquid eyeliner, which is what I used. Let dry.

4. Use a lighter color for the dots along the main color. A dotting tool or toothpick are fine. Let dry, then apply a top coat. All done!

Colors are Pure Ice in Love and Sally Hansen in Midnight Sky and White On.

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