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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Drippy Glitzy Green with Envy

Avoid getting pinched with these drippy green nails! They also remind me of Nickelodeon's slime time days. Well, the light green does anyway. It's just the right color of creamy green sliminess. The light green is Sally Hansen's Green with Envy from the Xtreme Wear line, and the sparkly dark green is Salon Perfect's Glitzy Green. I have also used Sally Hansen's Golden-I as an accent nail, but in pictures, it just does not look gold. It's not a rich gold color. A darker gold would probably blend in a little better.

All images are in natural lighting.
Bottle shown is Glitzy Green

I used a dotting tool to get the drippy effect. I've also switched my base coat from L.A. Colors base coat/top coat to Sally's Beauty Secrets base coat. I've had much less peeling, so a good base coat does help. It was pretty cheap too, only about $3.00. My Sally Hansen top coat has been goopy lately, so I switched to Revlon's quick speed top coat, which is also really good. It leaves a lovely shine.

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