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Friday, April 5, 2013

New York Color Block

A new colorful color block mani! Make sure to use bright colors to really make this look stand out. I used purple and yellow since they compliment each other. The yellow is NYC New York Color's Midtown Mimosa and the purple is Lexington Lilac. The pink stripe was made with a pink striper that came in a 3-pack of the Kiss Nail Art stripers. To get clean lines, I used striping tape. I know the pink lines aren't completely straight and have the same amount of thickness, but it was my first try with a striper instead of using an old eyeliner brush dipped in polish.

Anyway, really like the yellow color. It's darker than the other yellows I have, and reminds me of mustard! It also looks similar to Nicole by O.P.I's "Hit the Lights" from the Selena Gomez collection.

What are your go to spring colors?

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