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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sinful Colors

I usually purchase my cheaper polishes from Walmart because they're more affordable. The Walmart I shop at has an odd arrangement of polish brands. It has a wall for Revlon, Pure Ice, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, New York Color, and Hard Candy. There is also a small area that usually has a box of two mini Essies, but the duo pack of a blue and orange are the only ones available. There is also two or three Salon Perfects and Fergie colors by Wet n Wild which I find odd because they don't even sell Wet n Wild products, and the Salon Perfects are scattered throughout the comsetic section of the store.

So I'm browsing the selection of colors to see what has been restocked and whatnot and right as I am about to pay, I come across this:

The store has received its first display of Sinful Colors. The display goes all the way around with a huge selection of different colors, it is not just limited to the one side shown. I did not purchase any because I was already paying, but next time, I'll browse a bit more and pick some up. Normally I would have to visit Target or Walgreens to pick up this brand, and those stores are in a separate city than the one I am in, so I can only go to those stores when I know I'll be around them. This display does not have any of the limited edition polishes on it.

What are your favorite colors from this brand? Any must haves? Let me know!

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