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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pure Ice: Belle of the Ball Collection Swatches

Image borrowed from "The Silver Nail"

I have the swatches for this collection! I purchased four from this collection: Castle of Dreams, Starry Night, Fairy Godmother, and Playful Princess a few weeks ago, and today I picked up Belle of the Ball and Touch of Glamour. I could not find Riding in Style, and I'm not sure what color it is.

Here are the swatches:

Castle of Dreams: A light shimmery periwinkle blue. The shimmer in this polish, and the other polishes in this collection, is very subtle. They all look creme in the bottles, but once painted on, you can see the little glitzy speckles. The only one that does not have shimmer is Playful Princess (unless Riding in Style is creme, but I'm unsure). This color reminds me of OPI's You're Such a Budapest. I don't know how close of a dupe it is though.

Starry Night: This shimmery green is probably the one with the most shimmer in the collection. It's a medium grassy green.

Fairy Godmother: I made a post with this one and Castle of Dreams as a gradient, but you can see what this one looks like bare. It's a light purple, but it's darker than a lilac. It also has that subtle shimmer that isn't easily photographed.

Touch of Glamour: I love this pink! It's not as bright/neon as a hot pink, but it's still a deep pink. More of a fuchsia, again with the subtle shimmer.

 Playful Princess: The only creme. A very bright solid teal. I really like this color too. Be sure to use a base coat because it is a stainer.

Belle of the Ball: I don't even know how to describe this color. In the photo it looks orange, but is actually like a...neon coral? It's way more pink than orange, but it has hints of orange in it. But I wouldn't call it a coral...It's more of a hot pinky-orange. I'll have to take another one in natural light to show the color better.

The application of all of them was easy and silky smooth. No problems with this collection (other than the slight staining of the teal).

Do you own any of these colors?

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