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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Haul from eBay

I window shop on eBay wayyy too much, but this was a pretty good offer. Normally Nicole by O.P.I's are $7.99 each at my retail and department stores, but these were $3.99 each plus $2.00 shipping. Not a huge discount, but hey, saved a few dollars. Anyway, I picked these up from the Selena Gomez collection. I bought two, and one I already had. I picked up "Inner Sparkle" and "Kissed at Midnight." They are such lovely glitters, must try them out soon. I had "Selena" already, which is a pink-peach with light shimmer. If I can pick up more from this collection, it would be "Sweet Dreams" and "Confetti Fun."

There are a lot of polishes in this collection, but I feel like I may have dupes, or at least close dupes of most of them. For example:

Hit the Lights, a bright yellow creme - I have NYC New York Color's Midtown Mimosa although Hit the Lights may be darker.

Naturally, a bubblegum pink creme - Pure Ice's Love, but it Love has more shimmer in it. Any bubblegum pink would dupe Naturally.

Pretty in Plum: A reddish purple with high shine - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's Plum Power or Posh Plum, both of these are so close to being a 100% dupe for Pretty in Plum.

Love Song: A purple creme - I have more purples than any other color in my collection, and you'd think I'd at least have one in this particular shade, but I don't! It's a deep lilac, similar to Pure Ice's Fairy Godmother, and even that one isn't the correct shade. It's darker. So this is one purple I do not have a dupe for, but it is worth mentioning.

These photos are in artificial light, natural light photos will be posted later - along with swatches!

The quality is bad. My camera would not focus, even in super macro mode which is what I use to take a good majority of the photos I post here. New photos will be posted later.

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