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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rimmel London - Caramel Cupcake

Bought this at Walmart for $1.50 when I was shopping around for another black and white polish since mine are getting goopy. I just wanted a basic black, so I ended up getting the one by Rimmel. It's cheap and small, but it'll get the job done. Anyway, the small but lovely collection caught my eye and now I have four polishes from this line and this is the one I tried first.

The application is pretty good! Formula isn't runny or goopy, everything went on smoothly, except one or two streaks, but that was because I was applying the brush too hard. The brush on these took a little to get used to. They're similar to the wet n' wild ones, where the brushes are wide.

As for the they really dry in 60 seconds? I'm going to go with no, but I didn't really time myself. The only polish I have that does that is my base coat. Even my top coat doesn't dry in 60 seconds! So I really doubt they dry that fast. It may be tacky in 60 seconds, but definitely not solid dry.

This is two coats of Caramel Cupcake. It's such a nice nude color, and I don't own many neutrals/nudes! This color also makes a nice base color for a giraffe design, which I plan on doing once I get a proper brown color for the spots.

Have you tried Rimmel London's 60 Second Nail Color? Have any favorites from this collection?

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