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Friday, September 20, 2013

Haul: China Glaze, elf, Revlon, NYC

So my nails are still bare, but I'm probably going to end up painting them today to fix that! I have not painted them since my giraffe nails, so they need some color. My cuticles look terrible and need some moisture, so I'm going to fix that in just a bit as well. These are some polishes I have picked up within the last few weeks:

I'll start with elf. They had a sale going on where if you spend at least $15, you get free shipping, and since they don't get cheaper than that, I decided to pick out 8 polishes at $2 each. Swatches will be posted later once I get my cuticles nice and clean.

 Couldn't get a decent group photo, so here they are individually. First is Bubblegum Pink. Pretty standard light pink creme. Looks like a little leaked out? Didn't notice it until now.

This is Enchanted, which is a sparkly white jelly with large hexagonal glitter pieces. I am guessing it could be a close dupe for OPI's Pirouette My Whistle, which would be AWESOME because that one is my favorite from the ballet collection. Too expensive for me though, so maybe this one will be close!

Royal Purple. Another purple to my collection! Just a standard red-violet with shimmer.

Sea Escape. This one is really neat looking, it's a dark navy blue with purple and other color shimmer throughout it, it's going to look really interesting on the nails. It's similar to deja vu by Pure Ice, but not quite the same. Much more sparkly.

The color of this polish and the one below are not accurate. It's dark and rainy here today so I couldn't use natural lighting. Anyway, this is Cranberry, and the actually color is a deep burgundy color with shimmer rather than this deep orange color shown.

Garnet. Similar to Cranberry, this is also a deep burgundy color with some reddish-purple in it. Also with shimmer.

Champagne. This color is actually more of a taupe color than the peachy orange pictured. Also with shimmer.

Chocolate. A standard brown creme. This is the only one out of the elf bunch that has been on my nails for the giraffe pattern. Pretty cheap brown if you need one because I can't find ANY browns from other brands.

Drugstore brands. Two NYC's: Big Apple Red and Tangerine creme, Wet n Wild's Candylicious, and Revlon's Ritzy.

China Glaze! Bought four of these at Sally's. Pictured is Flip Flop Fantasy (everyone needs this color) and Pool Party, which is hot pink, not orange. My camera just loves orange.

The other two are Strawberry Fields and Peachy Keen, which my camera picked up the separation of the color. Needs a little mixing.

These I bought of eBay. Budding Romance from the Avant Garden collection and Cranberry Splash from the Holiday Joy 2012 collection.

I also bought Ghoulish Glow from the Wicked/Monster Ball collection, but don't have a picture of it! I plan on getting Bat My Eyes and Howl You Doin' from the Monster Ball collection and Strike Up A Cosmo, Don't Make Me Wine, and Tongue & Chic from the Autumn Nights collection.


  1. What a great haul! I'm jealous of all those great China Glaze colors. :)

  2. Thanks! Do you own any China Glaze? I mainly buy them when they are on sale or super cheap.