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Friday, October 4, 2013

China Glaze: Strike Up A Cosmo

The swatching contintues! I want to keep this color on for a little though. Strike Up A Cosmo is from the Autumn Nights collection. It a shiny metallic rose gold. There is such a nice color change that is subtle between the pink and the gold. No natural lighting pictures because I did this so late, but I'll take some in sunlight later. No application problems, this polish is great! Pictured is two coats but you could probably get away with one coat because the polish is so dense.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

China Glaze: Bat My Eyes

So I originally had swatches of Bat My Eyes, Howl' You Doin, Strike Up A Cosmo, and Don't Make Me Wine, but of course my camera battery decided to run out during the swatching. SO, here is Bat My Eyes. A black jelly packed densely with gold and black glitter. It applies evenly with two coats. Removal is a different story. Glitter everywhere. Same with Howl' You Doin. It came off the nail easily, but it got all over hands and the skin around my fingers.

Overall, it's a lovely polish and one of favorites from this collection. More swatches coming up later!