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Friday, February 7, 2014

China Glaze - Wish On A Starfish

My first texture polish, ahhh! I picked up three from the Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze: Wish On A Starfish, Tail Me Something, and Seahorsin' Around. Tried out this lovely pink first that has gold flecks throughout it. Application took 3 coats for full opacity.

The feel of it really does feel like sand or fine grainy salty texture. I think it's really neat! I know they released their original texture line, but I personally like these because of the glittery. The "creme texture" ones I was not too fond of. These pictures are without top coat. You do not need to apply one to these polishes because of the finish.

However, I did apply one to see what would happen. I used one thick coat of Out the Door and let it dry. It still gives off a gloss shine, but the texture is still visible and it does not feel glossy or smooth. The texture feel is still there, which I like. I didn't want to remove the finish, I just wanted an extra layer of protection from chipping. So this is what it looks like with one layer of top coat:

Oh, my cuticles may look like they have a bit of blue around them because I was previously wearing Pure Ice's All Night Long which is a deep navy blue with shimmer, and it stained.

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