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Sunday, March 9, 2014

City Flourish

Okay, so China Glaze released their Spring 2014 collection and of course I had to pick them up. They are so lovely! For my nails I only used 7 of the 12, but I will have swatches later. Let's look at the pictures before I talk about the forumla:

 Left hand; Pinkie to Thumb: Petal to the Metal, Grass is Lime Greener, Metro Pollen-tin, Lotus Begin, and At Vase Value, dotted with Dandy-Lyin' Around from Spring 2013's collection.
The only color differences on my right hand are on my thumb which is Peonies & Park Avenue, and my pinkie which is What a Pansy.

The formula: I know a lot of bloggers are having difficulties with the formula of this collection. When first applied, every one of these went on streaky and dried quickly. I applied a second (and sometimes third for the more sheer ones) coat of polish once the first coat dried a bit and it was fine. A nice goopy coat is what worked for me. I did have trouble with the brush pulling off the bottom layer of polish but ONLY if I brushed it on too hard. Otherwise, I had no trouble with it. Just let the streaky first layer dry, then gently lay on a second goopy top coat while carefully smoothing it out. Let dry, top coat, and viola!

I will say that I do not enjoy the finish of these at all. They dry to a matte creme-like finish and it just does not appeal to me. These would be so much better if they were shiny cremes. But hey, a shiny top coat will do that for you. You can't even tell with a top coat on...well depending on how shiny your top coat is.

Bottom line: I recommend polishes from this collection if you're looking for springy bright fun colors but only if you are willing to work with them. If you still want nice spring colors without the hassle of the formula or finish of these, I'd go with the Avant Garden collection.

I purchased these myself.

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