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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sailor Moon French

The new Sailor Moon series is coming up and after seeing all of the different colors and shapes of the nail art gems and rhinestones, I immediately thought of the Sailor Senshi's (scouts) tiaras. I made on representing each inner planet in order of the theme song...Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Moon is on my thumb and while I know hers is red, all I had were the clear crystal ones. I thought it fit since she is the moon crystal princess.

The base polish is Snow Flakes by Color Club and the gold is Sally Hansen Golden-I.

How shiny is that top coat?! It's Out the Door. I never realized how shiny it was until I did a french mani with it. It really shows on the plain nail. With color it never looks this glossy. But I still love it.

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