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Friday, May 30, 2014

China Glaze - Not in This Galaxy

About time I tried one of these out. I have 6 from the hologlam collection and I'm just now using one of them! I plan to collect them all because they look so nice. I picked up Take a Trek (navy), Cosmic Dust (gray) and OMG a UFO (green) from Sally's because they were on clearance and I wanted to see just how holo-y they were. I then bought Infra Red (red), Not in This Galaxy (pink) and When Stars Collide (maroon) from eBay. I bet they're good for stamping.

Click to enlarge me!

The sun isn't out, it's a cloudy day so you can't see the full holo effect, but it's there. Apparently they aren't as shiny as their previous collections but I don't have the money to purchase those since they are discontinued. $40.00 alone for OMG from one of the other holo collections? Thanks but no thanks....

Application was super easy, love this formula. 2 coats!

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