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Monday, May 19, 2014

China Glaze Off Shore Collection

Bought the summer 2014 collection by China Glaze earlier and now to provide the swatches. I only have 3 today because the sun went down before I could get to the others and I want direct sunlight images to show how vibrant the colors are. They are all cremes and the formula is great so far. Here are the 3 that I have already done and I will have more/the rest up soon. The entire collection is made up of 12 cremes.

When In Doubt, Surf it Out
Creamy orange, 2 coats

Medium purple, 2 coats
A bit darker than pictured, also changes to a  blueish hue in different lighting

Wait 'N Sea
Bright teal, much more teal than pictured. My camera doesn't like to capture the true colors of these. 2 coats.
Started out as a jelly, built up to a creme.

Be More Pacific, light green but darker than Grass is Lime Greener from the City Flourish collection. 3 coats. I was worried about this formula because it started drying to that creme-matte finish (boooo) but after adding more coats it was fine. Some of the other polishes are like this too.

I Sea the Point, deep blue-purple. Camera couldn't pick up an accurate color. It's much darker than this. Definitely closer to the color of the bottle. 2 coats. 

Shore Enuff, medium grass green. 3 coats. 2 different lighting, direct sunlight and shade.

Seas the Day. Oh my gosh, best formula ever. ONE COAT of this creamy red. I applied 2 for extra protection though. Man this was such a smooth application. Bright tomato red.

Sun Upon My Skin, 3 coats. Bright sunny yellow. Formula wasn't too bad either.

Feel the Breeze. Light Bubblegum pink. Love this color. 2 coats. Application did that weird matte-creme thing, but fixed itself after another coat.

Dune Our Thing. 2nd best application ever in this set. Deep fuchsia color. One coat is fine, but I used 2. Why can't all the formulas be this easy >__<. 

Float On. Light pink but not to the point that it's pastel. Just a standard pink. Perfect for when you're feeling girly. 2 coats.

Stoked to Be Soaked. Bright medium orange. Darker than When in Doubt, Surf it Out. 2 coats.

Overall, this collection is made up of 12 creme shades. None of these are neon and if that is what they were going None of these are super bright all up in your face neon. Also...there isn't anything super special about these. There's no "exclusive" shades or glitters. Just cremes. So you don't need the entire collection if you already have a drugstore dupe of these colors. If you want to save your money, I'd just pick up some standard rainbow colors from a brand like Sally Hansen or Revlon, etc. Also, ALL THE OCEAN/SEA PUNS.

I purchased these myself.

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