Cute Polka Dotted Red Bow Tie Ribbon

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2nd Glitter Gradient

I tried this design in an earlier post where I used Tongue & Chic by China Glaze and Kissed At Midnight by Nicole by OPI. The images I took didn't look flattering and the overall look I was disappointed in. So I gave it another go when I received Techno by China Glaze in the mail. It was part of the Electropop collection but I think they're re-releasing it for a mini collection of glitters called Pop Tops or something like that, so you can buy it in stores again. But I got mine off of eBay. I had been wanting to do a solo mani with just At Vase Value because it's such a nice light blue so I paired it with Techno and got this:
Click me to enlarge!

I'm liking this one a lot better. These were taken indoors under incandescent lighting, better images will taken in natural lighting - I always end up painting before bed! I used the sponging technique to apply the glitter rather than painting it directly on because it was much easier to spread it around and the sponge soaked up the excess clear polish.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Neon Flowers

Today's mani is inspired by YouTuber The Crafty Ninja. I liked this color combo so much I had to recreate it! The base color is Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here and the flowers are China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy. I've had Flip Flop Fantasy for months and I'm pretty sure this is my first time using it. It's super bright! In The Crafty Ninja's tutorial she also used Kiss Me Here but used Salon Perfect - Flamingo Flair as her flower color; this color is totally a dupe for Flip Flop Fantasy if you can't find it or want to save a few dollars.

Click me to enlarge!
I used the largest (I think) sized dotting tool I had to create the petals and middle f the flowers. A pin needle, toothpick, or bobby pin will also work. Going to have to get another bottle of Kiss Me Here can see in the image where the bottle cap is a bit messed up. I'm not sure what happened to it. It was during the transition of keeping my bottles in a small contained to a 3-drawer Sterilite box. I guess it just exploded open due to heat or the cap wasn't screwed on tight enough, but it ended up leaking quite a bit. The bottle is down to about halfway and it is so thick now. A few drops of thinner can fix that, but I would like a backup bottle. It's just a nice gray.

Also: follow me on instagram! Looking for new followers all the time :). I do NOT just post nail art. It's mainly nail art and swatches with bits and pieces of miscellaneous things thrown in. The Crafty Ninja herself even favorited my recreation! The official China Glaze instagram page did too!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


The 4th of July is almost here and my nails are well prepared for it! For this look I used China Glaze Seas the Day and I Sea the Point, both from the Off Shore collection, Dandy-Lyin Around, and topped with Pure Ice Freedom. First time using a sticker decal that came in a little set from Wal-Mart. I think it was called "Around the World" or something, but it was by Kiss.

I just can't get enough of this oh my gosh you guys. If you ever had to use ONE red for the rest of your nail painting career...make it this one. It's such a good formula and the color payoff is amazing. Also I know there is a bit of a fuss over the reformulated Sally Hansen X-treme wear classic color "Pacific Blue," but this blue may ease your pain. It's actually super close.