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Monday, September 22, 2014

Golden Filigree

Originally I wanted to do an argyle design using Charmed, I'm Sure by China Glaze and Kiss Me Here by Pure Ice, but as I was doing it it just wasn't looking nice and I scrapped the idea. Instead, I just painted all my nails Tongue & Chic by China Glaze and then called it a day. Two days later they started to chip (thank you, cashiering job) and I didn't want to remove the color but I also didn't want to repaint I did what any other lacquerista would do...I BROUGHT OUT THE STAMPING KIT. First time I've used it in a lonnnng time, but that's mainly because I don't have the patience to wait an hour or two for the base color to COMPLETELY dry before stamping and then it's just a mess. But this time I did since they were already solid and dry which just made the whole process super easy. Anywho, I used Sally Hansen's Golden-I for the stamping color and it was a tad too light once it was stamped on, so afterwards I just used a small pointed dotting tool and stippled over the design to make it more opaque.

Click me to enlarge!
I used Winstonia's W203 plate for the filigree and the leaf is from a gift set stamping kit that I can't think of the name came with like a "stamping contraption" where it was more like a mini machine to stamp with, but I just do it by hand instead.

And this is my left (cinderella) hand. The leaft came out a lot crisper on this one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Matte Navy Dots

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts, but here's one! It was inspired by @glittr over on Instagram. I used her design, but tweaked it a bit by mattifying it and adding an accent nail.

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I'm really liking this base color. It's "Queen B" by China Glaze and it's from their fall 2013 collection. I know it's technically not fall yet, but dang it I like fall colors so much that I had to start early. It's my favorite season! Speaking of which, have you seen the wonderful 2014 fall collection for China Glaze? Drooling rainbows over here; I must get my polished fingers on them. Anyway, I'm much more active over on my instagram account: @pockettemonster post wise - mainly swatches and designs that I think are too "meh" to be on my blog, just like basic stuff, ya know? I like to put my intricate things on here and then swatches or things like that on instagram. Not that I won't be posting swatches here, but I like to blog swatched collections, not just solo polishes. Anyway, bring on the fall colors! Maroons, browns, navies, wines, emeralds, eggplants, purples, eeeep. So many color choices.