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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Skyline

Thought I'd get some creative juices flowing by playing around with my practice wheels (which I now need to purchase more of). I thought about this for a few days after purchasing some Maybelline water decals from my dollar store. Yep, the dollar store (tree, not general) sells water decals by Maybelline! They only had about 4 sets though. I should have picked up more of these, everything is $1.00. The set includes 20 images of a skyline from towers to the statue of liberty, to the Golden Gate bridge. All you do is wait for your polish to dry - in this case I did a simple sponge gradient using China Glaze's All Aboard (fall 2014), I Sea the Point (summer 2014) and topped it off with Fairy Dust (core collection) as stars. Once dry, I used the decal, which just requires you to peel off the protective sheet, much like a temporary tattoo, place it on the nail, hold a cotton ball soaked in water on it for about 10 - 15 seconds, then carefully peel off the paper, revealing the design. It came out so crisp and lovely, it's going to look great on actual nails. I considered adding some yellow dots to the towers to look like the lights were on, but I scrapped it. Can't see the stars with the lights on, amiright?! Anyway, when I do a full set, I am going to make it so some fingers are a sky blue to blue gradient, leading to a blue to purple gradient, leading into this one, so it looks like there is a full on sunset going across the nails. How cool is that!

Click me to enlarge!

For anyone wondering, the two nails on each side are China Glaze - Bat My Eyes (Halloween 2013). I just used that to cover up the messy gradient spots I had made.

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