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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nail It! Magazine Debut

That's right! Faerie Tale Nails has made it into the popular nail art trend magazine: Nail It! I didn't even know I was in it until I was flipping through the pages!! I was so excited when I saw it. My photo is in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue under the Glitterati photo spread pages. It would be awesome if this gains my instagram page more followers so I have a bigger audience to show my art to. Not that my follower count is small, it's almost at 200, which is great for me, so no complaints here!

Low quality iPod photo!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Splatoon Ink Splatters

Where have I been? Well, clinicals started so I've been busy doing those and I can't have my nails painted when I am in them. It's bad. Twice a week I have to remove my hard work to learn stuff! But it's experience for a career so I guess it's okay...

Today I have Splatoon ink splatters from the Nintendo Wii U game: Splatoon!
It's a really cute, fun, and competitive game for all ages. If you play or have a Wii U and would like to add a fellow lacquerista, find me on MiiVerse [easybaketoaster] and my IGN/Mii name is Candace.

On to the photo!

These are probably one of my favorites so far. I just like how they turned out.
Base is China Glaze "Out Like a Light" and splatters are China Glaze "If In Doubt, Surf It Out," "Thistle Do Nicely," & "S'More Fun" with Sally Hansen "Plum Power," & "Lady Libra-ty."

I used a dotting tool to create the splatters and used CutePolish's tutorial as a guide.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falling Leaves

I purchased some more vinyls from What's Up Nails (my go-to nail vinyl shop) and saw their fall display and HAD to get these cute leaves. They also have halloween ones out so be sure to stop by! They are so affordable ($3.75 for small sheet, $4.75 for large sheet AND you can get free shipping if you don't want tracking) so I always go there for vinyls. I bought a large and they were so sweet and always add a free sample of their other vinyls. For this purchase I received their X shape vinyls.

For this look, I painted on 3 coats of China Glaze - Cabin Fever. Formula was a little sheer/streaky but evened out after extra coats. After I let it dry, I applied the vinyls and sponged on Sally Hansen's Golden-I (Xtreme Wear) and sealed it with a top coat. This color shift is so great for fall! I did my best to capture it in the first photo and the second shows off the detailing of the leaves.

Hard Candy - Crush On Lava

Fall is here you guys! My favorite time of the season (maybe because I was born in it?) Best weather, food, and fashion! And with that, brings out fall colors. I've been wanting a duochrome like this one for awhile and decided to get it at Walmart for $4.00. It has built-in shimmer that gives it that lovely look. For dupes of this shade, there is also Finger Paints at Sally's in Surreal Sunset and China Glaze's Cabin Fever which is out this year for fall 2015. Cabin Fever does NOT have the shimmer to it, it has the standard chrome finish.

Check out that color shift! It really does look like fiery lava, I'm going to have to incorporate some nail art with this one. Or maybe mattify it? Shown is 2 coats.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nail Painting 101

I'm on YouTube?! That's right! I made an account a while back and after discovering that my video camera can actually work with my computer, I made a couple of videos. This is great! Now I can make all sorts of tutorials! And reviews! I updated my nail care video and it is also in my "Nail Care" tab now. I also did a "how to paint your nails" video, which was a quick video of how I do it. I'm not perfect, nor am I a licensed nail tech. This is just a little hobby I do. Anyway, here's my nail painting 101 video. Might try out some other videos later. Let me know if you have any requests!

YouTube - faerietalenails.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

Making a dent in my "I haven't tried these polishes yet" list. I don't think I've worn this at all and I've had it for years! I think it was one of the first China Glazes that I purchased. I should really stop buying excess polishes and start using the ones I have before they all just go bad on me...but I see the fall collection popping up on eBay so I'm definitely getting that one - no way I'm missing it! I did see a sneak peak of the holiday collection and it But I'll more than likely get it too...

Here is 3 coats of this lovely hot pink with gold flecks:

This is under a daylight bulb with my white balance set to "shade."

Sally Hansen - Lady Libra-ty

Apparently this color is incredibly difficult to find considering it is a CVS exclusive (I think?) for the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Beachside Astrologer collection. There is a shade for each zodiac sign and I picked up mine - Libra. I also picked up Sizzlin' Scorpio because my birthday is on the cusp where I could be considered either but my personality I think leans more Libra, but also incorporates Scorpio tendencies. Not that I'm super into astrology at all, I've just had the Libra/Scorpio debate for a long time because some places say October 23 is truly Libra or truly Scorpio so I said screw it, I'll be both.

Enough about that, view this luscious blue creme. It was the last one on the shelf display.

Two coats with top coat.

I hate how expensive these polishes are, $7.99?! Because they have 5 or 7 benefits or something?! I bought it anyway...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mermaid Design

Born Pretty Store has provided me a sample of their starfish nail gems (item #20116) for review. After applying my polish and top coat, I used a wax pencil to pick up the gems and gently place them on the nail. Pickup was easy. I didn't use nail glue, I just used top coat while it was still tacky and then applied a generous amount of top coat over it. My only complaint is that they are not completely flat. Two of the starfish arms are raised. Other than that, so far they are wearing great! The top coat has made it so they don't budge at all. I've put them through all kinds of tests and they haven't came off nor tried to come off. I would repurchase these! They come in gold and silver. If you want to purchase some, go to the Born Pretty Store website, enter the item number (20116) and checkout. When asked for any promotional codes, use my 10% off coupon code "FAEH10."

Colors used are China Glaze - Seahorsin' Around/I'll Melt For You
Pure Ice - Not Now

Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie

Seashell stud is from Daily Charme.

Mermaid stencils are from What's Up Nails

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Coupon

I have a coupon for my followers to use on! When you make a purchase, just enter my coupon code "FAEH10" at checkout for 10% off your order. Born Pretty Store offers a wide variety of products ranging from stamping plates to 3D acrylic nail decorations. I have stamping plates, nail art wax pencils, and other things from similar stores. Shipping may take awhile since they ship from China, so be aware of that. The coupon code will be posted on the side of the blog and is also in my Instagram bio if you need it.
Let me know if you use it!

*I am not paid to represent Born Pretty Store. They generously offered me a coupon code for my followers. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. This is not an advertisement.

Ever Glaze - 'Lil Bow-tique

I purchased the prep and top coat of this line a while back but I hadn't used the colored polish with it until now. I originally bought Royal Satin but felt it wasn't springy/summery enough for the season so I bought 'Lil Bow-tique which is a pastel pink.

I used the prep to begin but it is not necessary. It dehydrates the nail by removing any oils and residue left on it prior to polishing. This would probably be useful with LED/UV polishes as well to skip the wipe down step if you don't have lint free wipes. There is no base coat.

The color applied easily. The brush is a bit wide but workable. It took me 3 - 4 coat for opaqueness and to cover any bald spots. I let each coat dry 2 minutes before moving on to the next. The formula feels sticky when going over previous coats, but it doesn't drag the under coat with it.

The top coat isn't thin but it isn't too thick. The smell is pretty strong which is something I'm not used to. I applied it like any other top coat and it dried well within 10 minutes. It left a glassy shine and left my nails feeling hard. I added a decal sticker to my ring fingers but the top coat didn't agree with it and caused it to peel up a bit.

As for wear left hand pointer finger chipped after 1 day. I have noticeable tip wear (but no chips) after 2 days. It claims to last 10 days or so but it's already wearing off pretty quickly. I'll update again after 5 days or so unless it starts to chip badly.

Statement/Cut-Out Design

I did this design earlier with Pure Ice polishes following BubzBeauty's tutorial on YouTube. I used tape guides to create the shape and painted China Glaze's What A Pansy over it. Then I dotted around the V shape in the same color. Sealed with top coat.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tangled Lanterns

I had this design bookmarked for so long that I decided to practice it on a nail wheel and I ended up loving the final result. The original design is by Nichole on her blog - Pretty Girl Science. She did other Disney princesses as well, go check it out! I took her design and recreated it with what I had.

For the ombre I used China Glaze Life is Rosy & All Aboard, then sponged on Choo-Choo Choose You over All Aboard, then sponged Inner Sparkle by Nicole by OPI over that. Then, I dotted Sinful Colors Gold Medal for the "lanterns." Tangled is definitely my favorite movie so whenever I see Tangled related nails, I favorite them so I can try them myself. I also have 2 Tangled dresses from Hot Topic, and my wallpaper/lock screens for my iPod and Nexus 7 are all Tangled themed. As is my Facebook cover photo and my Twitter header...kind of obsessed. Now if FunKo POP would just make a Rapunzel/Flynn/Pascal/Maximum set...I'd be sold. I have Ariel, Merida, Anna and Elsa but a Rapunzel one would just make my day.

Close-up of one of the Tangled dresses

Practiced design on a swatch wheel

Chevrons & Bows

Had this idea for awhile, finally applied it! I used chevron skinny tape from What's Up Nails. The base is just a creme white and I used Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac over the tape to create the chevron effect. I used a small amount of brush-on nail glue and applied a 3D acrylic bow that I purchased from eBay. I kept them on for photos, but took them off after a few hours because they would keep getting caught on stuff. But they're cute!

Cloudy Stamps

These turned out okay. This is a simple stamped manicure using Winstonia plates and my XL squishy stamper from Jolie Polish on Etsy. I used a white based and stamped Pure Ice's Playful Princess over it. It stained my cuticles...but I like the overall look!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sailor Moon Designs

Sailor Moon is getting some serious merchandise since the reboot and I am loving it. One of those things happen to be a stamping plate (2 actually!) dedicated to the franchise. I purchased this one from Jolie Polish on Etsy, and the other one on eBay. For the gemmed tiara manicure, I purchased the gems on eBay.

 For this design, I used a white base polish and stamped the Sailor Moon designs using China Glaze in Strike a Rose, If In Doubt Surf it Out, Shower Together, Seas the Day, and Starboard; topped with Fairy Dust. Looove how the scepter (thumb) turned out. All the images transferred so crisply and I can't help but to think it is mainly because of the stamper I'm using.
This design was made using Color Club Snow Flakes as a base, then I hand painted the tiara shape using Sally Hansen Golden-I, then topped each center with a gem in yellow, blue, red, green, and silver (not pictured).

My favorite is Venus!

Paris Design

I've really been into stamping lately ever since I replaced my Salon Express stamper. It just wasn't stamping correctly and I found out it was because of the stamper head, not the stamper itself. So I went ahead and bought myself a double-ended XL stamper from Jolie Polish on Etsy. It looks like the same stamper sold on Upon receiving it, I primed it by gently washing it with Dawn dish soap, patted it dry, then used a lint roller to remove any particles. The head is super squishy and makes it 10 times easier to stamp than having to apply pressure and roll onto your nail. It takes almost no effort with this thing!

I have both generations of Winstonia stamping plates to use and now was the time to put them to work! For this design I used W203 and W114. The base color is China Glaze Pack Lightly, and the stamps are just an average white and black polish.

For the middle fingers I used a decal kit from Fingrs that I bought at Walmart. The pigeon didn't fit all the way...

I have a few photos of the stamper on my Instagram (@faerietalenails) if you want to see what it looks like, or how well it picks up polish (amazingly).

China Glaze - Road Trip Collection (3 Colors)

I wasn't going to get any of the newer China Glaze's because I own the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Holiday collections from 2014, so I didn't think I needed any more unless they were no other polishes I have. Having said that, there was a lot of buzz about these three, and I can see why. These stood out to me the most and I'm not going to bother getting the others because they aren't unique to my collection.

I picked up Dashboard Dreamer, Wanderlust, and Pack Lightly from the Road Trip collection. I also have Sun's Up, Top Down on it's way because it is a darker yellow than what I have, but it will in a separate post. Along with that one, I also ordered Out Like a Light from the Holiday 2014 collection (I couldn't find it anywhere at the time), and Treble Maker from the summer 2015 collection - Electric Nights.

On to the photos!

 Dashboard Dreamer: This is a bit like Cinderella by Sinful Colors, but more opaque. The shimmer in these 3 colors are also difficult to capture but they are there. This took 3 coats.
 Pack Lightly: A lovely bright peach color, one of my favorites to collect. This a milder version of Sun of a Peach by China Glaze. Not a bright neon, just a bright pastel that makes your hand look tan. 2 coats.
Wanderlust: A pinky/lavender shimmery polish. 3 coats, but this one's formula was a bit tricky. It liked to leave bald spots and drag the previous coat with it, but it's workable and it's a nice color.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Manicure

Two posts in one day, woop woop! I purchased some nail decal stencils and zigzag vinyl tape from and they did not disappoint! Also they are super affordable, and shipping isn't crazy expensive.

For the purple nails, I used China Glaze Lotus Begin, let it dry for ~15 minutes after applying a fast drying topcoat, then used the zigzag tape over the dried nails. I then applied China Glaze Tail Me Something over them, and removed the tape, revealing the design.

For the pink nails, I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Hard to Get (just a creme white), then applied topcoat and let it dry. I then applied the heart stencil all over the nail and sponged on a gradient that consisted of China Glaze Feel the Breeze and Float On. I then applied China Glaze Fairy Dust, and sealed everything in with topcoat. I think they're pretty neat! It's my first time using stencils and skinny tape.

Orly - Mirrorball

Went shopping at my local Sally's to grab a few things for dyeing a streak of my hair and of course, I had to browse the polish section. If you didn't know, they added an entire wall dedicated to nail polish. 750 to be exact. It is beautiful. Anyway, I was going to pick up a few of the China Glaze Road Trip collection but all they had were the minis. Boo. So I walked over to the "discount polish" shelf and they were all pretty meh...or I already had them. Should have picked up another Ghoulish Glow though...

Anywho, they had a little cart with clearance polishes in the middle of the hair dye aisle, so I picked through that too. Mostly things from Finger Paint's winter collection and such. Then I picked up a few Orly's and to my surprise, just sitting there slowly separating in color, was Mirrorball. I know the nail art community is going crazy for holos, especially L'Oreal's Masked Affair, but have fun trying to hunt one of those down. I can't find it anywhere. This is another one that everyone is raving about, and I can see why. Brought it home and tested out it's holo-y-ness. It. Is. Amazing. The only downside about it is that it takes roughly 4 - 5 coats of it to cover the nail completely with no bald spots. Other than that, it shines magically, especially in sunlight.

I have two photos, one in sunlight, and one in my lightbox. It's overcast, cold, and rainy here so when the sun came out today, I snapped a photo of it in direct sunlight. The results? See for yourself:

Top photo shows the rainbow glitter flecks better, the bottom shows the holographicness better.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil

I got tired of my nails breaking, especially my thumbs, at random times so I decided to purchase Bliss Kiss nail oil, which I've heard nothing but good reviews about. I missed the semi annual sale, so I paid full price for that starter kit, which comes with an oil pen and a refill bottle - enough to refill 7 times - priced at about $22.00, including shipping. The first day I tried it my nails felt like they had just been given a makeover. They almost had this natural matte feeling to them. Of course, the direction say to reapply until your nails can't take it and stop absorbing the oil quickly. My first day was kind of rough because once water hits your nails, you have to reapply. Every time I finished washing dishes, taking a bath, washing hands after using the restroom, I had to reapply. I finished on day 3 and applied my base coat and polish to seal in the oil. Once topcoat was added, I moisturized my cuticle lines with it, and hydrate twice a day. I purchase the fragrance free version because I have super sensitive skin and it didn't react to it. I applied a small amount on the back of my hand and again on a small patch of my face (near my ear), and no rash or itchyness or anything occurred. So far it's working great! Excited to see what my nails will look like towards the end of next month with regular use. Longer, stronger, brighter nails is what I'm aiming for.

Have you tried it? I'm thinking about trying out their lotion sticks next. Get your starter kit and other nail moisturizing necessities at

Top photo is nothing on my nails at all. No lotion, oil or anything. Bottom photo is on day 3 after rubbing in the oil. You can see growth on my index and middle finger and my cuticle lines are much cleaner.

China Glaze - Queen B

Currently obsessed with and loving this color for winter. I don't know what reminded me that I had it. Actually I do, I was narrowing it down to what color I wanted to use and eventually I wanted a royal blue. I was going through my blues and remembered that I bought Queen B on a whim after seeing it with a matte coat. It is part of the China Glaze Autumn Nights collection, which was their fall line for 2013. I also purchased Charmed, I'm Sure, Strike Up A Cosmo, Tongue & Chic, and Don't Make Me Wine from this collection.

This polish has an amazing formula, I almost want to take it off just to repaint my nails with it again (yes, it was that smooth). This was also done at like 11:30pm last night, which I hate doing my nails late because of going to bed and waking up with dents from my sheets and blankets. But this applied so amazingly, and it dried to such a glossy finish, I almost didn't even bother use topcoat, but did to increase dry time and add protection. I use Out the Door topcoat. It also has such a nice color payoff, it looks purple at times, but it's a lovely royal blue that isn't extremely dark.

I've been using Bliss Kiss pure nail oil on my cuticles and nails in order to make them healthier, I'll have a post about that up also. I can't get that middle finger cuticle line to look clean! I thought hydrating it would help, but I'll give it more time. It looks like it just needs to be trimmed a bit but I don't want to trim/cut them. But look at that shine!
I was considering stamping silver over it, or adding gold flakes over it, but it's too pretty to mess up.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

China Glaze - No Peeking!

I have returned! Went through a bit of a rough patch for about a month to the point where I didn't even feel like painting my nails and that's how I knew I wasn't feeling myself. Today's post is bringing you a swatch of China Glaze's "No Peeking!" from their holiday 2014 collection "Twinkle." It's a dusty metallic purple with an ever so slight shimmer.

Application only took 2 coats and then a quick swipe of Out the Door top coat. I wasn't sure what color I wanted to use so I used a random number generator ranging from a section of my nail polish collection spreadsheet and it was between this one and "December to Remember."

I've also seen photos of their spring collection "Road Trip." I probably won't be purchasing the full collection, but I do really want "Wanderlust," "Dashboard Dreamer," and "Pack Lightly." Might get "Trip of a Lime Time" as well. Also on the lookout for "Masked Affair" by L'Oreal, that thing is blowing up my Instagram feed - and for good reason - it's a lovely holo.