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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil

I got tired of my nails breaking, especially my thumbs, at random times so I decided to purchase Bliss Kiss nail oil, which I've heard nothing but good reviews about. I missed the semi annual sale, so I paid full price for that starter kit, which comes with an oil pen and a refill bottle - enough to refill 7 times - priced at about $22.00, including shipping. The first day I tried it my nails felt like they had just been given a makeover. They almost had this natural matte feeling to them. Of course, the direction say to reapply until your nails can't take it and stop absorbing the oil quickly. My first day was kind of rough because once water hits your nails, you have to reapply. Every time I finished washing dishes, taking a bath, washing hands after using the restroom, I had to reapply. I finished on day 3 and applied my base coat and polish to seal in the oil. Once topcoat was added, I moisturized my cuticle lines with it, and hydrate twice a day. I purchase the fragrance free version because I have super sensitive skin and it didn't react to it. I applied a small amount on the back of my hand and again on a small patch of my face (near my ear), and no rash or itchyness or anything occurred. So far it's working great! Excited to see what my nails will look like towards the end of next month with regular use. Longer, stronger, brighter nails is what I'm aiming for.

Have you tried it? I'm thinking about trying out their lotion sticks next. Get your starter kit and other nail moisturizing necessities at

Top photo is nothing on my nails at all. No lotion, oil or anything. Bottom photo is on day 3 after rubbing in the oil. You can see growth on my index and middle finger and my cuticle lines are much cleaner.

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