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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Orly - Mirrorball

Went shopping at my local Sally's to grab a few things for dyeing a streak of my hair and of course, I had to browse the polish section. If you didn't know, they added an entire wall dedicated to nail polish. 750 to be exact. It is beautiful. Anyway, I was going to pick up a few of the China Glaze Road Trip collection but all they had were the minis. Boo. So I walked over to the "discount polish" shelf and they were all pretty meh...or I already had them. Should have picked up another Ghoulish Glow though...

Anywho, they had a little cart with clearance polishes in the middle of the hair dye aisle, so I picked through that too. Mostly things from Finger Paint's winter collection and such. Then I picked up a few Orly's and to my surprise, just sitting there slowly separating in color, was Mirrorball. I know the nail art community is going crazy for holos, especially L'Oreal's Masked Affair, but have fun trying to hunt one of those down. I can't find it anywhere. This is another one that everyone is raving about, and I can see why. Brought it home and tested out it's holo-y-ness. It. Is. Amazing. The only downside about it is that it takes roughly 4 - 5 coats of it to cover the nail completely with no bald spots. Other than that, it shines magically, especially in sunlight.

I have two photos, one in sunlight, and one in my lightbox. It's overcast, cold, and rainy here so when the sun came out today, I snapped a photo of it in direct sunlight. The results? See for yourself:

Top photo shows the rainbow glitter flecks better, the bottom shows the holographicness better.

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