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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sailor Moon Designs

Sailor Moon is getting some serious merchandise since the reboot and I am loving it. One of those things happen to be a stamping plate (2 actually!) dedicated to the franchise. I purchased this one from Jolie Polish on Etsy, and the other one on eBay. For the gemmed tiara manicure, I purchased the gems on eBay.

 For this design, I used a white base polish and stamped the Sailor Moon designs using China Glaze in Strike a Rose, If In Doubt Surf it Out, Shower Together, Seas the Day, and Starboard; topped with Fairy Dust. Looove how the scepter (thumb) turned out. All the images transferred so crisply and I can't help but to think it is mainly because of the stamper I'm using.
This design was made using Color Club Snow Flakes as a base, then I hand painted the tiara shape using Sally Hansen Golden-I, then topped each center with a gem in yellow, blue, red, green, and silver (not pictured).

My favorite is Venus!

Paris Design

I've really been into stamping lately ever since I replaced my Salon Express stamper. It just wasn't stamping correctly and I found out it was because of the stamper head, not the stamper itself. So I went ahead and bought myself a double-ended XL stamper from Jolie Polish on Etsy. It looks like the same stamper sold on Upon receiving it, I primed it by gently washing it with Dawn dish soap, patted it dry, then used a lint roller to remove any particles. The head is super squishy and makes it 10 times easier to stamp than having to apply pressure and roll onto your nail. It takes almost no effort with this thing!

I have both generations of Winstonia stamping plates to use and now was the time to put them to work! For this design I used W203 and W114. The base color is China Glaze Pack Lightly, and the stamps are just an average white and black polish.

For the middle fingers I used a decal kit from Fingrs that I bought at Walmart. The pigeon didn't fit all the way...

I have a few photos of the stamper on my Instagram (@faerietalenails) if you want to see what it looks like, or how well it picks up polish (amazingly).

China Glaze - Road Trip Collection (3 Colors)

I wasn't going to get any of the newer China Glaze's because I own the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Holiday collections from 2014, so I didn't think I needed any more unless they were no other polishes I have. Having said that, there was a lot of buzz about these three, and I can see why. These stood out to me the most and I'm not going to bother getting the others because they aren't unique to my collection.

I picked up Dashboard Dreamer, Wanderlust, and Pack Lightly from the Road Trip collection. I also have Sun's Up, Top Down on it's way because it is a darker yellow than what I have, but it will in a separate post. Along with that one, I also ordered Out Like a Light from the Holiday 2014 collection (I couldn't find it anywhere at the time), and Treble Maker from the summer 2015 collection - Electric Nights.

On to the photos!

 Dashboard Dreamer: This is a bit like Cinderella by Sinful Colors, but more opaque. The shimmer in these 3 colors are also difficult to capture but they are there. This took 3 coats.
 Pack Lightly: A lovely bright peach color, one of my favorites to collect. This a milder version of Sun of a Peach by China Glaze. Not a bright neon, just a bright pastel that makes your hand look tan. 2 coats.
Wanderlust: A pinky/lavender shimmery polish. 3 coats, but this one's formula was a bit tricky. It liked to leave bald spots and drag the previous coat with it, but it's workable and it's a nice color.