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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paris Design

I've really been into stamping lately ever since I replaced my Salon Express stamper. It just wasn't stamping correctly and I found out it was because of the stamper head, not the stamper itself. So I went ahead and bought myself a double-ended XL stamper from Jolie Polish on Etsy. It looks like the same stamper sold on Upon receiving it, I primed it by gently washing it with Dawn dish soap, patted it dry, then used a lint roller to remove any particles. The head is super squishy and makes it 10 times easier to stamp than having to apply pressure and roll onto your nail. It takes almost no effort with this thing!

I have both generations of Winstonia stamping plates to use and now was the time to put them to work! For this design I used W203 and W114. The base color is China Glaze Pack Lightly, and the stamps are just an average white and black polish.

For the middle fingers I used a decal kit from Fingrs that I bought at Walmart. The pigeon didn't fit all the way...

I have a few photos of the stamper on my Instagram (@faerietalenails) if you want to see what it looks like, or how well it picks up polish (amazingly).

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