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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Coupon

I have a coupon for my followers to use on! When you make a purchase, just enter my coupon code "FAEH10" at checkout for 10% off your order. Born Pretty Store offers a wide variety of products ranging from stamping plates to 3D acrylic nail decorations. I have stamping plates, nail art wax pencils, and other things from similar stores. Shipping may take awhile since they ship from China, so be aware of that. The coupon code will be posted on the side of the blog and is also in my Instagram bio if you need it.
Let me know if you use it!

*I am not paid to represent Born Pretty Store. They generously offered me a coupon code for my followers. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. This is not an advertisement.

Ever Glaze - 'Lil Bow-tique

I purchased the prep and top coat of this line a while back but I hadn't used the colored polish with it until now. I originally bought Royal Satin but felt it wasn't springy/summery enough for the season so I bought 'Lil Bow-tique which is a pastel pink.

I used the prep to begin but it is not necessary. It dehydrates the nail by removing any oils and residue left on it prior to polishing. This would probably be useful with LED/UV polishes as well to skip the wipe down step if you don't have lint free wipes. There is no base coat.

The color applied easily. The brush is a bit wide but workable. It took me 3 - 4 coat for opaqueness and to cover any bald spots. I let each coat dry 2 minutes before moving on to the next. The formula feels sticky when going over previous coats, but it doesn't drag the under coat with it.

The top coat isn't thin but it isn't too thick. The smell is pretty strong which is something I'm not used to. I applied it like any other top coat and it dried well within 10 minutes. It left a glassy shine and left my nails feeling hard. I added a decal sticker to my ring fingers but the top coat didn't agree with it and caused it to peel up a bit.

As for wear left hand pointer finger chipped after 1 day. I have noticeable tip wear (but no chips) after 2 days. It claims to last 10 days or so but it's already wearing off pretty quickly. I'll update again after 5 days or so unless it starts to chip badly.

Statement/Cut-Out Design

I did this design earlier with Pure Ice polishes following BubzBeauty's tutorial on YouTube. I used tape guides to create the shape and painted China Glaze's What A Pansy over it. Then I dotted around the V shape in the same color. Sealed with top coat.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tangled Lanterns

I had this design bookmarked for so long that I decided to practice it on a nail wheel and I ended up loving the final result. The original design is by Nichole on her blog - Pretty Girl Science. She did other Disney princesses as well, go check it out! I took her design and recreated it with what I had.

For the ombre I used China Glaze Life is Rosy & All Aboard, then sponged on Choo-Choo Choose You over All Aboard, then sponged Inner Sparkle by Nicole by OPI over that. Then, I dotted Sinful Colors Gold Medal for the "lanterns." Tangled is definitely my favorite movie so whenever I see Tangled related nails, I favorite them so I can try them myself. I also have 2 Tangled dresses from Hot Topic, and my wallpaper/lock screens for my iPod and Nexus 7 are all Tangled themed. As is my Facebook cover photo and my Twitter header...kind of obsessed. Now if FunKo POP would just make a Rapunzel/Flynn/Pascal/Maximum set...I'd be sold. I have Ariel, Merida, Anna and Elsa but a Rapunzel one would just make my day.

Close-up of one of the Tangled dresses

Practiced design on a swatch wheel

Chevrons & Bows

Had this idea for awhile, finally applied it! I used chevron skinny tape from What's Up Nails. The base is just a creme white and I used Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac over the tape to create the chevron effect. I used a small amount of brush-on nail glue and applied a 3D acrylic bow that I purchased from eBay. I kept them on for photos, but took them off after a few hours because they would keep getting caught on stuff. But they're cute!

Cloudy Stamps

These turned out okay. This is a simple stamped manicure using Winstonia plates and my XL squishy stamper from Jolie Polish on Etsy. I used a white based and stamped Pure Ice's Playful Princess over it. It stained my cuticles...but I like the overall look!