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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sally Hansen - Lady Libra-ty

Apparently this color is incredibly difficult to find considering it is a CVS exclusive (I think?) for the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Beachside Astrologer collection. There is a shade for each zodiac sign and I picked up mine - Libra. I also picked up Sizzlin' Scorpio because my birthday is on the cusp where I could be considered either but my personality I think leans more Libra, but also incorporates Scorpio tendencies. Not that I'm super into astrology at all, I've just had the Libra/Scorpio debate for a long time because some places say October 23 is truly Libra or truly Scorpio so I said screw it, I'll be both.

Enough about that, view this luscious blue creme. It was the last one on the shelf display.

Two coats with top coat.

I hate how expensive these polishes are, $7.99?! Because they have 5 or 7 benefits or something?! I bought it anyway...

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