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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hard Candy - Crush On Lava

Fall is here you guys! My favorite time of the season (maybe because I was born in it?) Best weather, food, and fashion! And with that, brings out fall colors. I've been wanting a duochrome like this one for awhile and decided to get it at Walmart for $4.00. It has built-in shimmer that gives it that lovely look. For dupes of this shade, there is also Finger Paints at Sally's in Surreal Sunset and China Glaze's Cabin Fever which is out this year for fall 2015. Cabin Fever does NOT have the shimmer to it, it has the standard chrome finish.

Check out that color shift! It really does look like fiery lava, I'm going to have to incorporate some nail art with this one. Or maybe mattify it? Shown is 2 coats.

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