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Friday, November 13, 2015

Splatoon Ink Splatters

Where have I been? Well, clinicals started so I've been busy doing those and I can't have my nails painted when I am in them. It's bad. Twice a week I have to remove my hard work to learn stuff! But it's experience for a career so I guess it's okay...

Today I have Splatoon ink splatters from the Nintendo Wii U game: Splatoon!
It's a really cute, fun, and competitive game for all ages. If you play or have a Wii U and would like to add a fellow lacquerista, find me on MiiVerse [easybaketoaster] and my IGN/Mii name is Candace.

On to the photo!

These are probably one of my favorites so far. I just like how they turned out.
Base is China Glaze "Out Like a Light" and splatters are China Glaze "If In Doubt, Surf It Out," "Thistle Do Nicely," & "S'More Fun" with Sally Hansen "Plum Power," & "Lady Libra-ty."

I used a dotting tool to create the splatters and used CutePolish's tutorial as a guide.