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Friday, November 13, 2015

Splatoon Ink Splatters

Where have I been? Well, clinicals started so I've been busy doing those and I can't have my nails painted when I am in them. It's bad. Twice a week I have to remove my hard work to learn stuff! But it's experience for a career so I guess it's okay...

Today I have Splatoon ink splatters from the Nintendo Wii U game: Splatoon!
It's a really cute, fun, and competitive game for all ages. If you play or have a Wii U and would like to add a fellow lacquerista, find me on MiiVerse [easybaketoaster] and my IGN/Mii name is Candace.

On to the photo!

These are probably one of my favorites so far. I just like how they turned out.
Base is China Glaze "Out Like a Light" and splatters are China Glaze "If In Doubt, Surf It Out," "Thistle Do Nicely," & "S'More Fun" with Sally Hansen "Plum Power," & "Lady Libra-ty."

I used a dotting tool to create the splatters and used CutePolish's tutorial as a guide.
I may post swatches of China Glaze's fall collection, The Great Outdoors, later this week/month is I can. I received them for my birthday and I want to use them! I have also seen previews of the winter collection Cheers, and picked out 4 or 5 of those that I want to get. AND I have also seen the spring 6-piece they usually release (normally a 6-piece in January and another around Halloween) and those looked pretty cool. I think it was called Star Hoppers? I'll look more into that later.

My nails also have to be cut super short (not allowed to be visible over the end of the finger) so that is also holding me back from swatching because I'd like my nails to be long and shaped evenly.

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