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Friday, January 8, 2016

Playing Around with the Featured Post Option

Thinking about adding a "featured post of the month" or a "featured polish/shade/color of the month" to the sidebar. Maybe doing nail art based on birthstone colors for each month? That'd be pretty cool. January is Garnet, so maybe working with a nice deep red. More on this later!

Dripping Galaxy

I've done galaxies before, but how about a dripping one? These were inspired by instagram user's polishthatnail and! Their versions included earth surrounded by a dripping galaxy but I kept it simple and just used a peachy pink for the base.

Vinyls are from and it is there paint drip vinyl. Base is China Glaze - Pack Lightly. Galaxy is a standard black, Sally Hansen's Plum Power, Pure Ice Not Now and Deja Vu, and China Glaze - Fairy Dust.

Pure Ice - Deja Vu (Revisited)

Upon doing my dripping galaxy nails with this color in the mix, I figured, why not do a solo mani with it again? It's a beautiful shade and you are lucky if you can find it anywhere in Walmart nowadays (unless you have a really good, well-stocked Walmart). So here it is! Sunlight and daylight bulb lamp photos of Deja Vu by Pure Ice. Now with better clean-up and nicer cuticles!

Also, as noted in my original post, this is a dupe for Butter London's Scouse. 3 coats with top coat.