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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Stamping

Tried out making decals for the first time on my uber mat! It turned out alright, definitely need some scissors for trimming the excess because I was just using my cleanup brush. A q-tip would have done better as well. For this look I used China Glaze's Feel The Breeze from their Off Shore collection (summer 2014). There is a second pink, Float On, but it is darker and I wanted a lighter, more girly tone. For the stamp I used Seas The Day from the same collection, stamped it onto some top coat on my uber mat, let it dry, top coated it again, then peeled it off and applied it to my nail. Feel The Breeze is such a lovely color but the formula, ugghhh. It was almost unworkable. It dries way too fast and dries to an almost matte finish, similar to the entire City Flourish collection. I love this color so I may buy a backup bottle but I am just not digging the formula. Also applied a heart stud that I purchased from Daily Charme.

The plate I used is Winstonia's W102. Bundle Monster's Elleandish plate is also full of great Valentine's day etchings!

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