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Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Nail Shape

My nails tend to grow in a triangle shape (i.e. wider at the tip than at the top) and I ain't havin' none of that no more so I FIXED IT. They're finally long enough - except for you middle finger and thumb on my cinderella hand I'm looking at you - to file down to a lovely shape. I went with what I like to think is rounded but I guess it could also be almond? Either way I am satisfied and to prevent such breakages from happening I slapped on a base coat in hopes that they won't snap before I start my swatchfest tomorrow for my next video.

Look at this glorious high quality photo! Warning - nudes!

China Glaze City Flourish - Swatches & Review

Did you know I'm on youtube? Well now you do! This is my first review video and the audio quality is meh and the video quality could be better (never fear, I got new software for my next video to make it actually decent) but check it out! I know the collection is old but I wanted to start somewhere and I don't have the collections from this year. I have all of the 2014 collections, and summer/fall of 2015, so look for those coming up. Also, constructive criticism is welcome! I'm new so I want to learn all the tricks!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sharpie Watercolor

I've been wanting to try these for awhile and now I finally got around to it! I watched a few tutorials and it seems that most people scribble the sharpie in a dappen dish, then dip the paintbrush in rubbing alcohol and mix. But, I didn't want to ruin my only dappen dish so I used a ziploc bag, which worked out great!

As a base, I used wet n wild's white creme. It took about 3 - 4 coats to be completely opaque, so I would probably try finding an easier white to work with. I just bought this because whites and blacks are frequently used so I tend to go cheap on them (this was $0.99). For the sharpies, I used a neon pink, neon green, and a blue that is by BIC, not Sharpie. I then scribble on my ziploc bag, dipped a brush in rubbing alcohol, swirled it around, and gently painted/dabbed on each color until the mixed a little. The was the end result! The remind me of painted easter eggs and I've had them on for like 5 days now, which is a lot for someone who changes manis so often. I plan on stamping over it.