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Friday, April 29, 2016

Vintage Roses

I never thought I would be able to do these because I could never get the technique right for making them look a little like roses. I actually bought nail vinyls in a rose design to avoid trying again. But I sat down, watched some youtube videos, and this came out of it. The color scheme is inspired from my Mii's character in the Nintendo social app - Miitomo. You can add me if you want, my name is Lollygag and the QR code is on my personal instagram @pockettemonster.

They kind of look like roses!! I'm so proud. Base color is Queen B by China Glaze and the other colors are all China Glaze as well. Peonies & Park Ave for the roses base, just a blob of it. Leaves are Treble Maker. Then the rose details are Seas The Day and Spring In My Step. Glossed it over with top coat and ta daaaa! Was so excited for these, I'm keeping them until the start coming off. My middle one has already started to because of work but I'm hoping they'll stay through the weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sinful Colors - Sweet Tooth

Sinful colors released three collections at once for spring: Live in Colorland, Play Your Cards Right, and Sugar Crushin. I picked up a few from each collection, though some look like re-promotes, from Walgreens (the only place that seems to have new collections by Sinful Colors). I have yet to see the King Kylie collections spread around the US. I don't much care for the Jenners/Kardashians but I was interested in the new shades, and the new finishes like the demi mattes. But eh, guess I won't be finding those. Anyway, I was experimenting with my swatch wheels and did the sugar crushin' collection thinking they were just super sparkly, but they actually dry textured! Much like the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection or Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmers. I purchase a teal and a blue, then went back for the other two, which is a coral and a berry color. I went with the coral shade since it seems like the most springy color. As for the Live in Colorland collection, I picked up four of those, which dry completely matte, and for Play Your Cards Right, I picked up one glitter, which has spades/hearts/clubs/diamonds in it, and a deep shimmery brown, similar to Prosecco from their Sinful Shine line.

Here is Sweet Tooth from the Sugar Crushin' collection:

Two coats, no top coat. Sorry I keep switching up my hand poses, I don't know what I'm comfortable with...I think for swatches I'll do the four fingers, and for nail art I'll include the thumb.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

China Glaze - Change Your Altitude

I haven't abandoned you fellow blogosphere! I'm just more active on Instagram (clicka da link at the top). However, I am working on my YouTube channel and I am trying to be more active with more nail art designs as opposed to just swatches. So I gave this color a try from last years fall collection from China Glaze. It's called Change Your Altitude and basically it's just a nice gray. I didn't have anything like it, everything else I had was too dark. So I love pairing this with white! I think it looks so chic. I did two looks:

Both of these were created using nail vinyls from The first one is with their zig zag tape and the second one is with their greek key vinyls (which were almost impossible to use). Also I'm trying to get better at taking photos so instead of having dry cuticles, the second photo shows my cuticles lathered in some delicious my bliss kiss cuticle oil. Oh, there's spilled polish on the bottle because I'm clumsy and spilled some...luckily it just ended up all over my uber mat.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

China Glaze: Off Shore Collection

I know I did swatches of these a few years ago (they were for summer 2014) but I made a video on them now! You can watch it here:

I'm getting better at video editing! Sorry for the quality of my previous video, I am very new to this. But now I know how to make them look decent.