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Saturday, April 16, 2016

China Glaze - Change Your Altitude

I haven't abandoned you fellow blogosphere! I'm just more active on Instagram (clicka da link at the top). However, I am working on my YouTube channel and I am trying to be more active with more nail art designs as opposed to just swatches. So I gave this color a try from last years fall collection from China Glaze. It's called Change Your Altitude and basically it's just a nice gray. I didn't have anything like it, everything else I had was too dark. So I love pairing this with white! I think it looks so chic. I did two looks:

Both of these were created using nail vinyls from The first one is with their zig zag tape and the second one is with their greek key vinyls (which were almost impossible to use). Also I'm trying to get better at taking photos so instead of having dry cuticles, the second photo shows my cuticles lathered in some delicious my bliss kiss cuticle oil. Oh, there's spilled polish on the bottle because I'm clumsy and spilled some...luckily it just ended up all over my uber mat.

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