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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Swatching YouTube Video Guideline

Since I'm new to YouTube, and maybe you're thinking of making nail polish videos yourself, I'm creating this guideline on how to edit a video for nail polish swatches.

1. Introduction - What the video will be about plus an overview of the polishes that are going to be mentioned

2. Jumping right into the swatches. Close-up of the polish and it's name, along with a description of the color

3. The swatch. Show the polish being applied to the nail (only if you're doing live application, otherwise show a photo). Show each coat being applied, usually only two is necessary.

4. Show a video of the full manicure with the bottle. Describe why you picked that polish/or why you like/dislike it. Explain what collection it is from (omit this if they are all from one specific collection)

5. Close out the video

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Upcoming YouTube Videos

I've been slacking on my YouTube page, but here is a small list of videos I'm planning to film/edit this week:

  • Sinful Colors x Kylie Jenner swatches from my haul video
  • Intro To Stamping (Stamping Basics)
  • Review on Revlon's new Basecoat
  • Review on Revlon's new Quick Dry top coat
  • Review on Revlon's new Gel Shine top coat (NOT gel envy, this is different)
  • Review on Winstonia plates (Generations 1 - 4)

I finally got my custom URL for YouTube! You can now type OR to get to my page. Before it was just a long string of numbers and characters.

Sinful Colors - Konstellation

I'm so prepared for fall manis that I'm cranking out all the colors I have that have been idle for the past 6 months waiting to be touched! Today I dipped into my Sinful Colors collection (which is now HUGE thanks to the Kylie drawer is overflowing). I have so many fall colors to play with! I was excited about this color since it was highly rated in the nail art community. I picked it up months ago and I don't know if it's still available in stores...most sold out and never restocked. I know my Walgreens is still selling the Denim & Bling collection, but I bought all the ones I cared about from that. All that is left is textured holographic glitters that I felt like I had enough of.

So here is Konstellation! A gray base with purple shimmer that shifts to teal in different lighting! I have a video of the shift on my instagram (@faerietalenails). I paired it with an accent nail using China Glaze's Let's Dew It (Fall 2015).

This. Was. Impossible. To. Photograph. But I did the best I could. Sun was down when I went outside so sunlight wasn't possible. So I used my daylight bulb.

Okay, I think I'm done with the nail posts for the day!

Julep - Candace

I mainly bought this polish because it shares my name! Even spelled the same way! Secret to getting cheap name brand polishes? Destash pages! StoreEnvy is chock full of them and most are only swatches once or even never used! Shipping can be a bit high but it's worth it when you find hidden gems like this one, which I think only came in a monthly box if you're a Julep Maven? I don't know if you can purchase Julep individually. Anywho, here is the swatch!

It's perfect for fall! It's kind of a brown/bronze with gold shimmer throughout it, though in different lighting, the shimmer goes from gold to a purple-ish color!

Gamer Chic

I told you I gotta stamp ALL the things! Why is there no meme generator for blogger...These are pink and girly and gamer-y and amazing. I bought UberChic Beauty's Geek Love 01 plate specifically for this image. Waste of money? NOPE. There's a bunch of other cute images I plan to use as well (I'm looking at you, circuit board). Again using my trusty blue metal stamper, Jolie Polish Black Stamping polish, and China Glaze's Spring In My Step (Spring 2014). I also have a quick video on these on both my instagram and my youtube (both are @faerietalenails). 

Neon Tribal

Experimenting with my new blue metal stamper from Jolie Polish and I loooooove it! I just want to stamp everything. Here's a tribal-ish design I did before summer ended. I used winstonia plate W306 and Jolie Polish Black Stamping polish. Base is China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.

Rainy Days

I'M SO FAR BEHIND IN POSTS I'M SORRRRYYYY. But I'm catching up today, starting with these failed attempt at reverse stamping nails! So, over on YouTube I posted an unboxing/haul of the new Bundle Monster stamping plates, and this is the one I played with first! It is by de_briz. I chose the rainy day images to create a theme though I don't think it turned out well. The main reason being I used a quick dry top coat to create the decals and they came out flimsy. But I discovered the error of my ways through a facebook group and saw that I needed Wet N Wild's Shine Protector (their top coat) for easy decals. So I picked up two bottles and I am anticipating trying again with that; maybe even using a lighter base color.

The base is China Glaze's Out Like A Light (Holiday 2014) and the decals are filled in with multiple colors from the Electric Nights (summer 2015) collection. The only nail I'm proud of is the thumb and it's the most awkward shaped.