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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rainy Days

I'M SO FAR BEHIND IN POSTS I'M SORRRRYYYY. But I'm catching up today, starting with these failed attempt at reverse stamping nails! So, over on YouTube I posted an unboxing/haul of the new Bundle Monster stamping plates, and this is the one I played with first! It is by de_briz. I chose the rainy day images to create a theme though I don't think it turned out well. The main reason being I used a quick dry top coat to create the decals and they came out flimsy. But I discovered the error of my ways through a facebook group and saw that I needed Wet N Wild's Shine Protector (their top coat) for easy decals. So I picked up two bottles and I am anticipating trying again with that; maybe even using a lighter base color.

The base is China Glaze's Out Like A Light (Holiday 2014) and the decals are filled in with multiple colors from the Electric Nights (summer 2015) collection. The only nail I'm proud of is the thumb and it's the most awkward shaped.

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