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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Swatching YouTube Video Guideline

Since I'm new to YouTube, and maybe you're thinking of making nail polish videos yourself, I'm creating this guideline on how to edit a video for nail polish swatches.

1. Introduction - What the video will be about plus an overview of the polishes that are going to be mentioned

2. Jumping right into the swatches. Close-up of the polish and it's name, along with a description of the color

3. The swatch. Show the polish being applied to the nail (only if you're doing live application, otherwise show a photo). Show each coat being applied, usually only two is necessary.

4. Show a video of the full manicure with the bottle. Describe why you picked that polish/or why you like/dislike it. Explain what collection it is from (omit this if they are all from one specific collection)

5. Close out the video