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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sinful Colors - Bow-lieve In Magic

Christmas displays are already popping up all over the place (it's not even Thanksgiving yet here in the US...-_-) but, nonetheless, it's an excuse to RACK UP SOME MORE POLISHES. As if I need any. Yes, today's post is brought to you by Sinful Colors, a brand that is quickly becoming my favorite drugstore brand. Sorry Sally Hansen, y'all getting too expensive for me as a collector. So here is the display I found at Walgreens:

I thought it featured 8 new polishes but there is actually only 5 "new" polishes. I say "new" because two of them are basically exact dupes of something they already have.

Click that continue button to keep reading after the jump and to see the swatches!

The 5 new polishes are as follows:
I Pine For You
Sleigh Me
Holly At Me
Berry Charm - I know this makes 6 but I have never seen it before so I thought it was new. It looks exactly like Aubergine, so if you have that one, you don't need this one.
These 5 polishes are only found at Walgreens. There is an entirely different display called Santa Bae which features limited edition glitters and "luxe fragments" special bottles. I have not seen this display, nor the display that is specifically for Sinful Shine.

On to the swatches! I have included the 5 new shades plus ones that were available last year in case you missed out on them.

Swatch video if you prefer the video:

Holly At Me is a bright orange-red with gold shimmer going throughout it. Easy to apply, only took 2 coats. If you missed out on On Fyre from the King Kylie collection, this is probably the closest thing.

Velvet Ribbon is a cranberry red with gold shimmer going throughout it. It definitely reminds me of the holidays and was an instant favorite from this display. 2 coats. I would say this would be closer to On Fyre, but it isn't. I don't have it to compare to, but I know this is too violet red for it to be close to On Fyre.

Ruby Glisten is a bright Christmas-y red with red flecks of shimmer going throughout it. Ruby Pumps by China Glaze...but cheaper. 2 coats.

Peri-twinkle is a light blue with purple and pink shimmer going throughout it. You can't see it well here, but it maybe shows up better in my swatch video. I'll link it here once it's available. Another personal favorite. 2 coats.

Sleigh Me is a violet red with pink and purple shimmer and flecks of glitter going throughout it. Definitely a favorite. 2-3 coats. Has a bit of a jelly formula.

Decem-brrr is a deep purple with blue and purple shimmer and flecks of glitter going throughout it. I. Love. This. Colors. BUT, it took 3-4 coats to build up. Super sheer and a jelly formula. But look at that shimmer payoff!

Flake Out is a shimmery silver micro glitter in a clear base with holographic snowflake glitters and light blue hex glitters. Shown over white. The snowflakes are nearly impossible to fish out unless you dump some out then manually place it. Same with the large hex pieces. Pretty, but not worth it in my opinion.

Holiday Rebel is a glitter topper with red, green, and holographic small and large glitter pieces. Shown over white and as an accent nail using the glitter sponging method. I like this polish as a topper, it's obviously Christmas-y. But, the red glitters have tinted the base so it shows off kind of pink now. Probably would be best to experiment over other colors, or use the sponging method. It's super annoying to take off though, even with a peel-off base coat. Be warned!

Ice Dream is a silver micro glitter topper with small blue and light blue glitter pieces. Shown over white and black. I'm not sure if this would build up on it's own due to how small the glitter is. Either way, it's sparkly and pretty! Use over white for a snowy effect, or over black for a new years feel.

Sugar Sugar has been in the core collection forever. It's just a basic cranberry red that you'll be seeing in most holiday collections. This has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, and gold flecks going throughout it. 2 coats, though it can easily be a 1 coater.

Pine Away is a pine green with goldish/silverish shimmer going throughout it. Super gorgeous color. It's basically a Christmas tree on your nails. Love this color. This one seems to be relabled as I Pine For You...though I'm not 100% sure since I did not buy it. Just as with Berry Charm, it could be the same polish with a different name. Either way, get this one if you can! 2 coats.

Star Studded is a gold micro glitter with gold hex glitters and star glitter pieces. Just as with Flake Out, you got some fishing to do. Even without the stars I like this polish. It gives off a champagne for new years feel. The gold glitters look like champagne bubbles! Shown over white and black. Use white for a bubbly look, or black to bring the gold micro glitters out.

As you can see in the display there are waaay more polishes than just these but as I said, most of them are repromotes that are already in the core line. For a full list of the collection, including the other ones, go to . Which is your favorite? What's your go-to holiday shades?

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