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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sinful Colors x Kandee Johnson Collection

I manged to get my hands on the Kandee Johnson collection from Sinful Colors! This is their latest collection that is out and I think it is for spring? It's exciting to see them work with other celebrities and I hope they continue to do so (without upping the price, of course). The bottles are limited edition and feature a Kandee Johnson sticker on the caps (would have been cool if her name was printed on like Kylies...but eh) and reads "Vintage Matte" or "Sugar" underneath, depending on the finish. Apparently this is the first wave, and a second collection will be released at a later date but continuing with the candy theme. Licorice, Peaches & Cream, and Cherry On Top have already been spotted, but not officially released according to the Sinful Colors website. So here are the first 7! If you can't find these at your local Walgreens (it's exclusive to them), worry not. There is a store locator on their site that tells you which specific Walgreens will have the display. I had to check 2 of mine before realizing this, but once I went to the one specified, they did have it. They are still at the $1.99 price and are on a small display.

All of the pastel pretties!

Continue reading after the jump to see the swatches!

 Whipped Frosting is your basic white with glitter shimmer going throughout it. I'm just going to tell you now, these all have the gold shimmer going throughout them, but since they naturally dry matte, it disappears, or is very hard to see on the nail. This was a pretty simple formula. 2 coats, no top coat.
I would use a glossy top coat to bring out the shimmer though.

Candy Hearts is a pastel cornflower blue that I absolutely loooove. I am such a sucker for this shade of blue and my photo doesn't even do it justice. It was very vivid and super opaque in 2 coats. 1 coat was slightly patchy, so I added 2. Definitely a must-have for me.

 Kanfetti is a matte glitter topper. It contains glitter pieces in blue, mint, and white, so it looks cute on all 3 of those colors. I just chose to use over Candy Hearts. The glitter does slip off of the brush easily but otherwise it is very easy to apply to the nail. I did 2 coats of it.

Strawberry Milk is a classic pastel baby pink. You should all know I absolutely adore my pinks which is why this one was such a bummer for me. By far that hardest formula to work with out of the bunch, especially since it is matte. 3 to 4 coats just to smooth it out and cover the patches. As much as I love the color, this is a miss for me. If I truly want to work with it, it will be with a glossy top coat.

 Mint Chip is a minty green that has a hint of blue in it. The shimmer in this one probably has the strongest showing through the matte finish though it is still hidden. Pin Up Pink also has a strong shimmer peaking through. This one was easy to work with as well, same consistency as Candy Hearts. Only issue was it stained my cuticles a bit. Not the nail plate, just the cuticles. 2 coats.

Pin Up Pink is what I wish Strawberry Milk was formula wise. To me, this is bright-in-your-face-Barbie-pink. It's a bright hot pink and the gold shimmer tries so hard to peak through. Formula was super easy to work with, this is 2 coats. Definitely a favorite for me.

Pink Velvet is a sugar texture polish. Remember the Sugar Crushin' collection from last spring/summer? It's like that. I know that textures are either love or hate but I personally like them only if they have glitter or shimmer. If they are creme then they just look super odd to me. Pink Velvet isn't nearly as glittery as the Sugar Crushins' but it definitely reminds me of Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat polishes. Specifically the shade Berried Under. Formula is great! 2 coats and then it dries to this gritty sugar texture. It's basically the same shade as Pin Up Pink. In the bottle, there is this huge flash of gold glitter going throughout it and I wish it would have transferred to the nail better because once it dries, it disappears. Maybe with a glossy top coat it will come out.

Overall I think it's a super cute collection but if you aren't in to mattes you probably aren't going to like it. Of course, you can add a glossy top coat to make it a creme/shimmer polish instantly but that defeats the purpose of these formulas. If you're going to do that, you may as well purchase the pastel dupes for these from their core line or from other collections. I love the pastel theme as pastels are one of my most collected shades.

My top picks are Candy Hearts, Pin Up Pink, and Kanfetti. I'm super excited to see what part 2 of her collection will be!

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