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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SinfulColors x Kandee Johnson Vintage Anime Collection

Finally got around to filming/swatching these so I am done! Now I can swatch the 5 piece extra Pretty Vintage shades (Peaches N Cream, Cherry On Top, etc) and can move on the Spring collections.

The Vintage Anime polishes were only released to Walgreens as far as I know and I never found the large display that included Kandee Pink and Rock Kandee. But here are the 10 I did find.

These were available for $2.99 each even though they were not marketed as Sinful Shine. They do have the mirrored caps and a limited edition Kandee Johnson sticker.

Blueberry Hot Rod

A medium blue with fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. I thought this was going to be opaque after 2 coats but it took 3. The first coat is very, very sheer. The formula is also watery.

Digital Dreams

An iridescent glitter topper with hex and small circle glitters. Similar to Sally Hansen's Snow Globe from the Complete Salon Manicure line. Shown over white and black; black brings out the greens and blues, white brings out the pinks and oranges.

Dripping In Pearls 

A pearlescent white polish with a shift of gold/yellow-green. This took 3 coats to build up though it would look pretty over black too.

Flip Tease

A minty green polish with a fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. Formula is patchy and wants to drag the previous coat with the current coat. This took 3 coats to level out.

Heart Of Gold

A scattered holographic gold topper. Similar to INM's Northern Lights in the gold shade. Easy to apply, not trouble getting the glitter out. Shown over black and white.

Kiss Goodnight

A dusty, dreamy light blue with fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. This has the same formula as Flip Tease: patchy and needs 3 coats. Such a beautiful color though!

Mermaid Tail

A duochrome polish that goes from gold to green to blue/teal. A bit overdone in the duochrome community but definitely a staple if you're new to collecting duochromes. Also a dupe for Kameleon from the Kylie Denim & Bling collection from last year. The only difference from what I could see was that Kameleon is a tad more flashy with the shimmer, though on the nail it is hardly noticeable.

Spoon Full Of Sugar

My top pick from this set! A rose gold/metallic pink glitter topper with hex and circle glitters. Rose gold is one of my favorite shades and to have this as a topper is awesome. One coat, no need to add more unless you really want to, shown over Strawberry Milk from the Pretty Vintage collection.

Urban Magic

The silver sister to Heart Of Gold, a scattered silver holographic topper. Similar to China Glaze's Fairy Dust, though Fairy Dust's glitter seems to be a bit finer. Still the cheapest holographic topper you can get right now (I think?) !!


A pearlescent pink with shimmer going throughout it. This took 3 coats to build up, but the formula was good and not runny or too thick. This can also be layered over other colors to "transform" them into a pearlescent shade.

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