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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

China Glaze x My Little Pony

It's been a long, LONG time since I've been excited enough from China Glaze to purchase a full collection. So when they released the My Little Pony set I was really happy. The color choices were great and more of what I was expecting from the Spring collection this year (that I did not purchase). I'm pleased with this entire set and can't wait for the Fall collection too. Hopefully this means I'll be getting back into China Glaze because I haven't purchased anything from them since Fall 2015.

Continue reading after the jump to see the swatches!

I Sea Ponies

A silver linear holographic polish. Opaque in 2 - 3 coats. It's not as strong as say...Orly's Mirrorball, but I think it works well for a simple, subtle holo polish. Overall this wasn't my favorite just because silver holo has been done over, and over again so it would have been cool to see a colored holographic polish. I do think that China Glaze is taking a step in the right direction with making these neat finishes to their polishes. Mainstreams don't usually do that. I'd skip this if you want a truly outstanding holographic polish - go with Color Club or any indie brand instead.

Hay, Girl, Hay!

An iridescent shimmer topper with white glitter. This topper looks amazing on just about any of the cremes in this collection, but I chose to put it over Sweet As Pinkie Pie. This is definitely in my top picks for this set! I did one coat over the pink.

Kill 'Em With Kindness

A light, pale yellow creme. Difficult to work with (as is to be expected). I actually had to remove it all and repaint it again for a decent photo. It just wasn't sitting right. I think it's just a bad formulation. Also the Pastel 2017 collection already has this exact color just under a different name - Casual Friday. They're dupes. Unless you're in dire need of a yellow, I'd skip this one.

I Just Canterlot

Grape jelly color with holographic glitters. Three coats on it's own and it builds up nicely. You could also use it as a topper. The holographic glitter shows up very easily and is oh so sparkly. No issues at all with this one!

Where's The Party Canon At?

In the same formula as the previous polish, just more of a raspberry jelly shade. I absolutely LOVED this one! The shade, the formula, the glitter! It's amazing. Three coats and it's just such a fun polish. One of my top picks!

One Polished Pony

A very delicate sky blue with silver shimmer. I don't think I'd like this if it didn't have the shimmer in it, it just gives it so much dimension! Very easy to work with, only needed 2 coats. It does dry a bit dull, almost to a satiny finish, so top coat is needed to bring it to life.

Too Busy Being Awesome

A bright cerulean blue. I didn't want to take this off once I was done, it's so beautiful! I don't even go for blues! Three coats to make it opaque because it is a bit jelly like. Also, warning, this does stain. I only had it on for about 10 minutes without base coat for the swatch. Be sure to double up on the base coat and be careful near the skin and cuticles.

Cutie Mark The Spot

Beautiful mint shade, but difficult to work with. Kill 'Em With Kindness kind of had the same formulation. Three coats just to get it to self level and even then it was hard to make it look even. It's beautiful, but I don't know how often I'll be reaching for it because of the formula.

Let Your Twilight Sparkle

This duochrome shimmer topper really pleased me, it's an instant galaxy! I did two coats over a black creme and it just really comes to life! It has a blue to purple to silver shift. I can't wait to play more with this one! More photos of this one below:

Applejack Of My Eye

A very easy to work with slightly pink red creme. Formula is fantastic, only needed two coats. I don't go for reds often but this one is lovely. It's got a slight pink to it so it isn't a true red. If only all the cremes in this collection had the great formula!

She's A Mane-iac

Hot, hot fuchsia pink. Also has shimmer in it like One Polished Pony but this one dries matte so you need a glossy top coat to bring it out. Pictured is this polish in it's true matte form. Lovely color, but since it dries matte it was a little difficult to work with to make sure it didn't turn out lumpy.

Sweet As Pinkie Pie

A pale peachy pink. Loooove this color, but not the formula. It's another creme with a bad formulation. I had a hard time getting it to self level and make it look decent, which is another reason Hay Girl Hay from earlier was thrown on top. I like that it isn't just another baby pink - it actually has some peach undertones to it. But again, it just needs a better formula.

The last two polishes in this collection are not sold together when purchasing the original twelve (when ordering in bulk). These are only offered in a duo pack that you can find online or at beauty supply stores.

Best Ponies Forever

A standard gold. Easy to work with, only needed two coats. A little brushstroke-y, but not too bad. I'm interested in stamping with this one. There's nothing too special about this, it's just a gold.

Songbird Serenade

This looks like a standard black but it actually has pink, purple, and blue shimmer in it! It's so dimensional and overall a really cool polish. Definitely recommend this one. It only took two coats but you really have to look for the shimmers. Such a pretty color!

Overall I thought this was a fun and cute collection. I purchased the full set and the duo pack off of eBay. My top picks are One Polished Pony, Let Your Twilight Sparkle, Where's The Party Canon At?, and Too Busy Being Awesome - even though it stains. This collection is out to promote the upcoming movie coming to theaters in October. Did you pick any of these up? What are your thoughts?


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