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- Candace
- October 23, 1991
- Collects: Nail Polish, penguins, Tangled merchandise, FunKo POPs, novelty earrings, midi rings, Nail It! Magazines

I started doing nail art in 2011 just a year after graduating high school. I didn't really have internet access and I sparked an idea of doing watermelon nails while sitting in my room. I already had a few colors and I used a small piece of wood (I didn't know dotting tools even existed) to make dots. I was proud of them even though they were messy. Eventually I went on and experimented with a nail art pen and a few other things before researching whether or not it was a thing to decorate nails. It wasn't a huge trend at the time so my ideas were limited. Soon I started collecting drug store brands just about every time I was out and my collection grew and grew. While I still go for drug store brands, my most collected brand is China Glaze for its wide range of colors and finishes. I also like their bottle shape.

I love nail art because it isn't a widespread hobby. I'm one of the only people in my graduating class that actually has interest in doing it regularly and often enough to post about it. No one else I know personally* does this and it makes me feel kind of unique for it. It is getting more popular though and I am glad it is getting more appreciation. I've always had a passion for video games growing up but it isn't really a "showcase" hobby. I have friends that are into baking, singing, painting, drawing, dancing, ice skating, gardening, etc, but I enjoy my little hobby. I even made some business cards to attract people to get their nails done by me, and so far I've had one client! I'm also a regular member of the subreddit r/redditlaqueristas. 

I didn't start out being good at it, I'm still not good at it. I started with stained cuticles, messy clean-up, horribly shaped nails, and no cuticle routine. After researching nail care and watching a ton of youtube videos, I gradually got the hang of things and took off on my own. I haven't perfected my nail care yet, and I'm just now getting to the point that I rarely have to clean up around my nails because of messy application. And my left hand has gotten so much better at painting the right one! It just takes time and a lot of practice. But then again, what doesn't?

I started an Instagram page for my nail art that goes with this blog, it's @faerietalenails. I did it to separate my personal account - @pockettemonster - so I would stop spamming nail art to everyone. As for the name, I originally wanted "FairyTaleNails" but it was taken, so I went with the alternate spelling. It also originally started out as a feature page instead of my own works page but I soon found out that they are difficult to manage and I couldn't keep up with it daily, so I switched to just my work. I'm glad I did, it's a great creative outlet and it really promotes my work outside of this blog and my facebook page. It's a great way to get recognized and I'm amazed that over 100 people follow it just to see what I can do. Lately my goal has been to get a photo into an issue of Nail It! Magazine.** That would also be some great recognition!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

*Except for Elle & Suzy!
** Faerie Tale Nails has an image featured in the Nail It! Jan/Feb 2016 issue under the "glitterati" page spread!

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