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Frequently Asked Questions

What got you into nails?
I was sitting in my room one day and decided to decorate them without thinking too much of it. It took off from there!

Are your nails real?
Yes, they are my natural, home-grown nails.

How many polishes do you own?
Currently just over 300.

What color do you own the most of?
Purple. But my favorite colors are pink and green.

Are you a nail technician?
No, I have not attended any cosmetology courses for nails. I am self-taught. I would love to get a license though.

How do you keep your nails healthy?
Using a nail care routine! You can view it in my "Nail Care" tab. An updated video will be up eventually.

What inspires you?
Sometimes I'm blank and browse Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration (with credit on the final look, of course). Sometimes I use my Nail It! Magazines. But overall, I just use anything. Clothes, nature, fashion, pop culture, video games, anime - that's the beauty of nail art, you can paint anything on your nails.

Have you finished an entire bottle before?
No. I haven't even tried most of my colors, I'm so bad! But I'm almost out of white, so I'm close to finishing one! The thing about not using nail polish all of time is that over time they get goopy and unusable - even with multiple drops of thinner. Three of my glitters are ruined because they froze over the winter and didn't return to their normal consistency. That's why I've stopped collecting for now, so I can give attention to what I currently have. The only ones I'm going for are the Orly Disney minis and the China Glaze 2015 Fall collection when that comes out.

What do you do for organization?
I use two 3-drawer Sterilite bins. I also have a nail polish rack on my desk.

What tools/decorations do you use?
Dotting tools, striping tape, nail vinyls, paint brushes, nail studs, nail gems, rhinestones, stamping plates, stampers, tattoos, stickers.

What was the first polish you bought?
My grandmother gave me Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Must-Have Iris and Rose Petals, but I bought Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Fuchsia Power. 

Can I "boing" your hair?
Only if it is dry.

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