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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

China Glaze x My Little Pony

It's been a long, LONG time since I've been excited enough from China Glaze to purchase a full collection. So when they released the My Little Pony set I was really happy. The color choices were great and more of what I was expecting from the Spring collection this year (that I did not purchase). I'm pleased with this entire set and can't wait for the Fall collection too. Hopefully this means I'll be getting back into China Glaze because I haven't purchased anything from them since Fall 2015.

Continue reading after the jump to see the swatches!

Update 8/2/17

I apologize for the lack of posts, I've been more active on Instagram & YouTube but more posts are coming soon!

I have the China Glaze x My Little Pony collection, Spring releases from SinfulColors, and some upcoming summer releases. Hope to purchase the China Glaze Fall collection soon, and to track down some Back To School collections.

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SinfulColors x Kandee Johnson Vintage Anime Collection

Finally got around to filming/swatching these so I am done! Now I can swatch the 5 piece extra Pretty Vintage shades (Peaches N Cream, Cherry On Top, etc) and can move on the Spring collections.

The Vintage Anime polishes were only released to Walgreens as far as I know and I never found the large display that included Kandee Pink and Rock Kandee. But here are the 10 I did find.

These were available for $2.99 each even though they were not marketed as Sinful Shine. They do have the mirrored caps and a limited edition Kandee Johnson sticker.

Blueberry Hot Rod

A medium blue with fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. I thought this was going to be opaque after 2 coats but it took 3. The first coat is very, very sheer. The formula is also watery.

Digital Dreams

An iridescent glitter topper with hex and small circle glitters. Similar to Sally Hansen's Snow Globe from the Complete Salon Manicure line. Shown over white and black; black brings out the greens and blues, white brings out the pinks and oranges.

Dripping In Pearls 

A pearlescent white polish with a shift of gold/yellow-green. This took 3 coats to build up though it would look pretty over black too.

Flip Tease

A minty green polish with a fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. Formula is patchy and wants to drag the previous coat with the current coat. This took 3 coats to level out.

Heart Of Gold

A scattered holographic gold topper. Similar to INM's Northern Lights in the gold shade. Easy to apply, not trouble getting the glitter out. Shown over black and white.

Kiss Goodnight

A dusty, dreamy light blue with fuchsia shimmer going throughout it. This has the same formula as Flip Tease: patchy and needs 3 coats. Such a beautiful color though!

Mermaid Tail

A duochrome polish that goes from gold to green to blue/teal. A bit overdone in the duochrome community but definitely a staple if you're new to collecting duochromes. Also a dupe for Kameleon from the Kylie Denim & Bling collection from last year. The only difference from what I could see was that Kameleon is a tad more flashy with the shimmer, though on the nail it is hardly noticeable.

Spoon Full Of Sugar

My top pick from this set! A rose gold/metallic pink glitter topper with hex and circle glitters. Rose gold is one of my favorite shades and to have this as a topper is awesome. One coat, no need to add more unless you really want to, shown over Strawberry Milk from the Pretty Vintage collection.

Urban Magic

The silver sister to Heart Of Gold, a scattered silver holographic topper. Similar to China Glaze's Fairy Dust, though Fairy Dust's glitter seems to be a bit finer. Still the cheapest holographic topper you can get right now (I think?) !!


A pearlescent pink with shimmer going throughout it. This took 3 coats to build up, but the formula was good and not runny or too thick. This can also be layered over other colors to "transform" them into a pearlescent shade.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SinfulColors New Shades 2017

I know these are old news but I just found them a few weeks ago and had to swatch them! I'll edit some comparisons in later because I plan to show Taupe Is Dope to So Daupe, Cash Out to Apeasing, and Deep End to Bluz Cruz in a swatch video, so the photos for that will be added here once that is up.

These are in the group of SinfulColors that are not available in US drugstores. Walgreens and Rite Aid will not have these on display nor carry this collection, just as they did with some of the Christmas polishes from last year. These are found in department stores like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and some grocery stores such as Kroger or Harris Teeter. I personally found these at Harris Teeter.

Bluz Cruz is a gorgeous blue/purple, "blurple," with an amazing formula. 2 super easy coats but you could have just used 1! It glides on and dries to a gloss finish. I also try to get color accurate photos but this is actually more purple toned in person. It doesn't look purple, it just has a drop or two of purple tint in it which isn't showing in the photo.

Cash Out is a light pistachio green. When compared to Apeasing, they are not the same tone, but they are both in the same color range. Apeasing looks more mint whereas Cash Out is more of a true pistachio. 2 coats, fantastic formula, and dries to a glossy finish.

Taupe Is Dope! Is a gray taupe. I don't know what's up with this one. So Daupe! is basically the exact same shade, or at least in my case in is. When compared, So Daupe is maybe one or two shades darker but the difference is barely noticeable, if at all. It's pretty weird that they included basic dupes in similar collections. The Walgreens exclusive shades are still part of the New Shades For 2017 collection, so to have both of these part of it is just odd to me. Even the bar code numbers are one number apart. Coincidence?! I think not.
Taupe Is Dope's # is 2189 and So Daupe's is 2198. Really, SinfulColors?

Formula was great! 2 coats, dries to a glossy finish. All of these polishes had great formulas.

The Full Monte is probably my favorite in this mini collection and you can see why! It's a lovely pink toned nude with glass like shimmer flakes going throughout it. Definitely a beautiful soft look that instantly makes me think of ballet slippers. Because it is sheer, this took 3 coats. I love the look of this! Also, this look may have inspired one of the spring collections from Sinful for this year, the Desert Divas collection, which features the Stoned Crystal Shimmers you've probably seen by now (though that inspiration may just be my speculation). However, I can't find to own all of those!

Did you pick up any of these? Which is your favorite? I'll have a swatch video up of these eventually. School/work has caused a lot of delays in my YouTube schedule. Plus, I wanted to get full collections before recording videos since no one wants to see 1 or 2, they want to see all of them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lacey Lilac

Taking a break between doing all of these Sinful Colors swatch videos/posts to bring you.....



Yes, I actually sat down and did the full treatment for my nails: cuticle removal, filing, shaping, cuticle cream, cuticle lotion, let all that soak in, shaped my nails beds, then finally polished/stamped them.

This look was created using Sinful Colors Lie-Lac (available in the SWAK display - I found it at Rite Aid) and I stamped over it using Snow Me White (from their core line). The plate is Bundle Monster BM-XL201 (Elleandish).

Loving this soft look even though it is still mid winter. I just got tired of all the vampy colors and wanted to brighten them up.

I used the blue metal clear stamper, aka, my favorite stamper ever. Snow Me White stamps beautifully and so crisp. I left the cap off overnight so it would thicken just a bit and this is the result!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sinful Colors SWAK Collection

Got around to swatching the Sinful Colors Valentine's Day polishes from the SWAK (Sinful With A Kiss) display. I didn't successfully find these at Walgreens - I had to hunt them down at a Rite Aid. The display should be near the cosmetic section or near the Valentine's merchandise. Both the SWAK and the Luck Of The Stylish displays should be out. I'm kind of amazed that my Rite Aid had them because they don't sell the brand at all, not even the core line. But I'm glad they did have them.
On to the swatches!

There are only 4 new polishes in this collection and a few repromotes that I didn't have, so I included them here as well.

It's About Valen-time is a pink foil that has a wonderful formula. I feel like a lot of people don't explain what a "foil" polish is...basically it's a color that has silver foil flecks going throughout it to give a metallic-like finish. You can see the silver very well in the bottle and on the nail. Three out of four polishes have this fantastic formula and this finish. It's a bright, strawberry pink.

Break Dance, Not Hearts is a grape purple foil. Same formula as It's About Valen-time, 2 coats. This purple is stunning! All of these look magnificent in sunlight.

rEADie Or Not is a violet red foil. I'm not entirely sure why it's named that way, or why the EAD is capitalized, but some have speculated that EAD stands for a certain phrase that can be looked up on Urban Dictionary that I won't explain in the event that I have younger viewers. Hey, with a name like "Sinful" Colors, nothing about their polish names surprises me! But again, that's just pure speculation. Either way, it's a lovely shade, again, with that great formula.

Kissful Thinking is the specialty glitter for this collection. It is a clear base with puckered lips glitter and tiny white glitters. The base is slightly tinted pink so whatever you lay it on top of is going to slightly change colors. I layered it over Lie-Lac and it changed just a tad, but I love the effect! The glitter pieces were a little difficult to fish out but I didn't struggle with it. I think the white glitters look cute as well, kind of like little snow bits!

Those were the new polishes in this collection, the following swatches are repromotes that I picked up.

Pink Smart is a classic light pink. This is probably my absolute favorite shade of pink. It's isn't too light of a baby pink, but it isn't a dark magenta either. The most perfect in-between shade! This took 3 coats but it was worth it. It could have been fine in 2 but I smoothed it out in 3. I can't get over how beautiful it is! Definitely buying backups.

Cherry Blossom is a shimmery light pink. The shimmer is silvery. This took 4 to 5 coats but once I shined it against my daylight bulb, it was worth it. This is another gorgeous strawberry pink. It's very sheer for the first 3 coats and if you're looking for a jelly polish, this would be a good one! I'd be willing to work with again if I desired this shade but it is a bit high maintenance.

Lie-Lac is a powdery pastel purple. This shade has a formula similar to Pink Smart. 2 super easy coats and this shade is beautiful! Not trouble with it at all. It's going to be a great shade for spring. If you love purples, don't miss this one!

Overall I think the foil shades are pretty and a nice little surprise for a Valentine's collection since it's not overloaded with pinks. The glitter is very cute too. I think the shades they did add that are repromotes are beautiful too, and I needed them because I love pastels...and pinks!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Strawberry Milk Onigiri

I know that title says BLEGH but these nails say KAWAII! For this look I used Sinful Colors Strawberry Milk (from the Kandee Johnson collection - see below for swatches/video) and the amyytran Bundle Monster plate, using the rice ball/onigiri image. I know this goes against everything I said in the previous post by using Strawberry Milk since it's difficult to work with, but I wanted to give it a chance. It took forever...but I do like the look! I may mattify it later.

For my YouTube (here) I was thinking about doing a stamping series talking about how to get success with different stampers. Let me know if you're interested! I would love to do a stamping for beginners that gradually goes in to advanced stamping and reverse stamping. For this look, I used the blue metal clear stamper.